Internal Communication Channels

There's a host of internal communication channels that can be used to get your message out to students or staff. The Internal Communications Unit manages a number of channels.

You can submit your event, project or initiative through the Internal Communications Request Form and someone from the team will contact you to provide advice and help for the following channels:

Staff News webpage

The Staff News webpage provides staff with news from across the University.

The Staff News profile section is a great place to learn more about your colleagues and teams across the University. We're always on the lookout for profile suggestions. If you would like to suggest a staff member or team to take part in a Staff News profile, complete the Staff News Profile Suggestion form.

Broadcast emails

Internal Communications manages a number of broadcast email lists that target various groups of staff and students. Emails that are appropriate for distribution via broadcast email lists include emergency/safety/crisis notices, messages from executive staff members, IT outages and exam and results announcements.

Yammer Network

Yammer is an enterprise communication network designed for company collaboration. Yammer is similar to Facebook in that you can post messages, join groups and "follow" other members. Colleagues can also "like", share and reply to your posts. Only University staff and members of the Board of Trustees can join the Western Sydney University Yammer network.


E-Update is an internal daily news site where staff members can submit announcements for the University community to read. You can view the announcements by visiting the E-Update website (opens in a new window) or by subscribing to the daily email service, which summarises and provides links to the new announcements that are submitted.

Promotional buttons

Promo buttons can be used on webpages to direct staff and students to another webpage for specific initiatives, events or projects. Promo buttons can be published on key webpages for staff and students and only contain a few words and link to the webpage of the initiative, event or project.

Life at Western Sydney button

At the bottom of the Western Sydney University homepage is a scrolling section of buttons called "Life at Western Sydney". These buttons comprise an image and short line of text, and link through to a University webpage. The Life at Western Sydney buttons link to a University event, project or initiative's webpage.

Landing page thumbnail

These can be found on the staff and student landing pages. The thumbnails appear below the banners, to the right of the Events section. Landing page thumbnails include a promo button and a short line or two about the initiative and link to the University event, project or initiative's webpage.

Digital screen advertisements

There is a number of digital screens on campus that can be used to advertise University programs to students and staff. Advertisements on the screens are used to promote larger initiatives or projects, rather than one-off events, and can be targeted at one campus or all campuses.

Social Media

The University uses social media including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to communicate messages to students and prospective students.

Event Calendar

The Event Calendar can be used to post details about an upcoming event. As your event nears, your post will show on the student or staff landing page, depending on who the event is for. The events are displayed in chronological order.


A webpage can host comprehensive information about your event, project or initiative, including images and documents. It can be the go-to place for more information when communicating your message. A short (friendly) URL can be added to your webpage for use on promotional material.