Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA)

ERA 2018

85% of Western Sydney University’s research is ‘world standard or above’ according to the latest Excellence in Research for Australia (ERA) evaluation.

The results confirm Western Sydney University as a world-leading research institution.

Released today, ERA is a nationwide assessment of Australia's research performance which highlights national research strengths in disciplines of critical economic and social importance. For the purpose of ERA, research disciplines are assessed in two-digit and four digit classifications, with two-digit fields the broadest disciplinary classification.

At the two-digit discipline level, ERA assessed 90% of Western’s research at ‘world standard or above’.

The disciplines that scored a ‘5’ rating, identifying them as ‘well above world standard’, include:

Two-digit Fields of Research: Agricultural and Veterinary Sciences; Biological Sciences; and Environmental Sciences.

Four-digit Fields of Research: Complementary and Alternative Medicine; Cultural Studies; Ecology; Ecological Applications; Electrical and Electronic Engineering; Evolutionary Biology; Forestry Sciences; Microbiology; Nursing; Oncology and Carcinogenesis; Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences; Plant Biology; Soil Sciences; and Zoology.

The disciplines that scored a ‘4’ rating, identifying them as ‘above world standard’, include:

Two-digit Fields of Research: Language, Communication and Culture; Mathematical Sciences; Medical and Health Sciences; and Psychology and Cognitive Sciences

Four-Digit Fields of Research: Applied Mathematics; Biochemistry and Cell Biology; Communication and Media Studies; Environmental Science and Management; Human Geography; Human Movement and Sports Science; Linguistics; Macromolecular and Materials Chemistry; Materials Engineering; Performing Arts and Creative Writing; Psychology; Pure Mathematics; Sociology; and Statistics.

Acting Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Scott Holmes, said, “these results cement Western Sydney University’s standing as a world-class university with a growing international reach and a reputation for excellence.

“We work in our communities across the humanities, health and STEM disciplines to create meaningful change. The ERA assessment demonstrates the breadth and depth of our excellent research. Our research with our regional, national and international partners to deliver outcomes that contribute to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of communities is the driver of that excellence,” said Professor Holmes.

Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Vice-President (Research and Innovation), Professor Deborah Sweeney, commended Western’s researchers: “as a young university, our strength lies not only in our innovative approach to addressing society’s most pressing issues, but in our ability to connect high-quality research with the communities that need it most – and in unlocking the potential of the next generation of researchers, leaders and change-makers.”

Western's 2018 ERA Results

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