Purchase Additional Leave

Flexible Staffing arrangements via the PAL Scheme

Available to Professional staff only

The University recognises the interdependency of work and family obligations and that there may be instances where employees require periods away from work in addition to the normal leave entitlements. The Purchase Additional Leave (PAL) Scheme policy aims to provide employees with a mechanism to address the balance between family/personal commitments and work commitments.

The aim of the PAL scheme, subject to organisational requirements, is to provide professional staff with the flexibility to purchase additional leave through the annualisation of pay, for a defined period and in accordance with an agreed leave plan.

Eligibility and participation

1.1 Eligible employees
All full time ongoing and fixed term professional staff who have completed 12 months of continuous employment prior to the proposed commencement of the defined term of the PAL scheme are eligible to apply.
Participation in the PAL scheme is initiated at the request of the employee.

1.2 Participation
Agreement on the term of participation in each instance will be limited to a twelve month period with an option of renewal subject to organisational requirements.
Time off work is available to a maximum of eight weeks to be purchased in blocks of one week.


2.1 Application
Employees must provide six weeks written notice to their supervisor through the completion of the PAL scheme application form, which will call for a clear rationale including date for proposed time off work and annual leave.

2.2 Approval
Time off work must be agreed between the staff member and their supervisor before the application is forwarded to the Dean of School or Unit Director for approval.
Once approved, the application will be forwarded to Office of Human Resources for processing.
Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application by the Dean of School or Unit Director within 2 weeks of the date of lodgement of their application with their Dean of School or Unit Director.


To calculate what your annualised salary would be under the PAL scheme, use the following calculations:

4 additional weeks – Yearly Salary, Divided by 52.1785, x 48
3 additional weeks – Yearly Salary, Divided by 52.1785, x 49
2 additional weeks – Yearly Salary, Divided by 52.1785, x 50
1 additional week - Yearly Salary, Divided by 52.1785, x 51