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Research Fellow, School of Medicine


Wilson Wong is trained in miRNA and lncRNA biology through a project that aims to generate a micRNA profile of human cells and tissues in a biobank of human tissues (Wong WKM, Joglekar MV et al iScience 2021).  These analyses using machine learning algorithms, facilitate identification of ncRNA molecules that are associated with and potentially modulating the expression of pro-endocrine cells.

Wilson is currently involved in research funded through the Helmsley Trust, USA and JDRF Australia, that aims to develop a nanochip for rapid and efficient assessment of miRNA biomarkers associated with Type 1 diabetes.  He also leads research in identifying and validating lncRNA variants (Wong WKM et al JCI insight 2019) that predict the quality of human islets prior to their isolation from cadaveric donor pancreas through the Australian Diabetes Society Lindsey Baudinet Type 1 diabetes Rising Star Award 2020.  His key strengths lie in wet lab as well data analytics and bioinformatics.

Research Interests

  • Long non-coding RNAs
  • Diabetes
  • Machine learning
  • Qualifications and Recognition

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