Research Participation

Are you a PARENT or CARER who has cared for a child who is TUBE-FED because of a FEEDING DIFFICULTY?


If you’re in Australia and have answered YES to either question, we want to learn from you to understand what makes feeding care BRILLIANT! We represent a unique collaboration between researchers and clinicians who are passionate about helping children with feeding difficulties and their families. To promote brilliant care, you’re invited to participate in a confidential interview (in person, via telephone, or via web-conference) and/or complete a brief survey to understand: your experiences, your perceptions, and what makes feeding care BRILLIANT.

To learn more, contact: Associate Professor Ann Dadich via email: or telephone: 02 9685 9475

Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee – approval number: H13794

Understanding the end of life needs of Culturally & Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal Communities in WSLHD

The Caring at End of Life research team at THRI are seeking responses from the Aboriginal community, and people from an Arabic, Hindi or Mandarin speaking background who live in Western Sydney to understand the end of life needs of CALD and Aboriginal Communities in WSLHD.

This is part of a study designed to inform their partners in the Western Sydney Local Health District about the possibilities for re-designing services and supports to be more culturally sensitive (HREC approval No. H13743).

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