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Elite athletes face many pressures, including on their bodies, eating, and exercise, which can impact performance, physical health, and mental wellbeing.

We want to hear from a diverse range of elite athletes currently over the age of 18 regardless of sporting type or gender, and including para-athletes and retired athletes. Even if you do not or did not experience pressures regarding your body, eating and/or exercise as an elite athlete, we still want to hear from you!

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How Social Connections Impact Health

We want to hear from people over the age of 16 who may experience stigma associated with health or social problems including having a gambling problem or substance use problem, large body weight, or homelessness to help understand their social networks.

You will be asked to complete a short online survey (20 minutes) that includes questions about your social networks and experience of isolation and loneliness, as well as housing and neighbourhood experiences, substance use and gambling behaviour, physical wellbeing, and experiences of stigma and discrimination. At the end of the survey, you can indicate your availability to participate in a follow-up interview (30-40 minutes). You can decide to do only the survey or both the survey and interview.

Your participation will help improve our knowledge regarding the social networks of people experiencing health-related stigma that can be used by research partners to improve service delivery.

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Personalising Motivational Interviewing (opens in a new window)

This research aims to explore where and how Motivational Interviewing (MI) is being used with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. If you have experience in using MI with different client/patient groups or you are involved in delivering training or undertaking research on using MI with different population groups, we’d love to hear from you.

We invite you to complete a brief (5 min), online survey.

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Seeking families with children aged 5 to 11 years

Professor Andre Renzaho from the School of Medicine and THRI is leading a research project which aims to reduce childhood obesity.

As part of the Strong Families Trial, we are seeking families with children aged 5 to 11 years.

What does the trial involve?

  • 6-week online family strengthening program to prevent unhealthy weight gain among children aged 5-11 years from at-risk families.
  • Random allocation to either Group A Parenting program or Group B Usual support.
  • 3 visits to families (once at the beginning of the study and again in 3 and 15 months) - will fill in a survey, and have height and weight of the participating child measured by researcher.


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Strong Families is funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council. We have been approved by the Western Sydney University Human Research Ethics Committee (Approval number H13033).