Health and Wellness Across the Lifespan

Current Research

"From Grandparent to Grandchild: Family health across the years in South Western Sydney": A pilot intergenerational public health observatory

  • Researchers: Andrew Page, Alex Hendry, Felix Ogbo, John Eastwood, Vicki Blight, Anne McKenzie
  • Funding: Western Sydney University; Ingham Institute of Applied Medical Research; Child and Family Health, South Western Sydney Local Health District

This study aims to investigate the effects of changes in socio-economic status within and between family generations (children, parents, and grandparents) on child and family health in a population-based cohort of SW Sydney Local Health District residents, and how such changes differ by migrant-status and ethnicity. Findings from this study aim to inform social and health policy and community-level services that particularly relate to breaking cycles of social deprivation across generations.