Associate Professor Gabrielle Weidemann

Gabrielle WeidemannPosition

Associate Professor in Psychological Science | Chair Human Research Ethics Committee | Research Theme Champion for Health, and Wellbeing


I received my PhD in 2005 from the University of New South Wales in behavioural neuroscience for a project examining the mechanisms of associative learning and savings in an animal model. In 2008 I received an Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship to examine the influence of cognitive processes in human eyeblink conditioning. I joined Western Sydney University in 2010 and have continued to examine various forms of human associative learning and its applications. Human associative learning is a central mechanism for behaviour change and so understanding the conditions necessary for learning, why learning fails, and the mechanism of learning is important for treating problems of behaviour and for establishing adaptive behaviours. I have been funded by the Australian Research Council to examine the interaction between associative learning and higher order cognitive processes in the formation and modification of attitudes. I have collaborated with colleagues from other disciplines to examine practical applications of associative learning including how associative learning contributes to language acquisition, word learning, musical preferences, infant emotion recognition, object preference, decision making in older adults and processing of visual information.

Research Interests

  • Associative Learning
  • Behaviour Change

Qualifications & Recognition

  • PhD University of New South Wales, 2005
  • BSc University of New South Wales, 1995

Research & Publications

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Telephone+61 2 9772 6669
LocationBankstown City Campus