HDR Graduates

Seyedamir Marashi

Topic: 'Machine learning methods for the definition of more efficient Australian refined diagnosis-related groups (AR-DRGs)'

Primary Supervisor – Associate Professor Federico Girosi

Co-supervisor – Dr Shima Ghassem Pour

Ludovico Pinzari

Topic: 'Development of Tools for the Design of Customizable Catchment Area and the Analysis of Geographic Variation in Health Care'

Primary Supervisor – Associate Professor Federico Girosi

Co-supervisor – Dr Shima Ghassem Pour

Marilyn Wise

Topic: 'Identifying reasons for the persistence of inequities in health and implications for action by policy actors'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Jane Ussher

Co-supervisor – Professor Lyn Carson

Farshid Hajati

Topic: 'Detecting clusters and anomalies in medicare MBS claim trajectories'

Primary Supervisor – Associate Professor Federico Girosi

Co-supervisor – Dr Evan Atlantis

Marlee Bower

Topic: 'The experience of loneliness in the homeless population: An Australian study.'

Primary Supervisor – Dr Elizabeth Conroy

Co-supervisor – Professor Janette Perz

Beatriz Martín Monzón

Topic: 'White matter integrity and clinical correlates in people with Anorexia Nervosa. A prospective study.'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Phillipa Hay

Co-supervisors – Professor Vaughan Macefield, Professor Stephen Touyz, Dr Nasim Foroughi, Associate Professor Luke Henderson

Rachel Westcott

Topic: 'Investigating the application of protection motivation theory to the behaviour of animal owners and emergency responders in bushfire natural hazards.'

Primary Supervisor – Dr Mel Taylor

Co-supervisors – Professor Hilary Bambrick, Professor Kevin Rona

Priyanka Thapliyal

Topic: 'A Qualitative exploration of pathways through an eating disorder in men.'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Phillipa Hay

Co- Supervisors – Professor Janette Perz, Associate Professor Paul Rhodes

Sabrina Naz

Topic: 'The impact of indoor air pollution on child mortality in South Asia.'

Primary Supervisor - Professor Andrew Page

Co-supervisor - Dr Kingsley Agho

Alexandra Hawkey

Topic: 'Experiences and constructions of sexual and reproductive health of culturally and linguistically diverse women'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Janette Perz

Co-supervisors – Professor Jane Ussher, Dr Renu Narchal

Zoi Triandafilidis

Topic: 'Young women's experiences of cigarette smoking'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Jane Ussher

Co-supervisors – Professor Janette Perz, Dr Kate Huppatz

Zelalem Birhanu Mengesha

Topic: 'Providing Sexual and Reproductive Health Care to Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Women in Australia: - Health care Professionals' Perspectives'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Janette Perz

Co-supervisors – Professor Jane Ussher, Dr Tinashe Dune

Maria Gabriela Uribe Guajardo

Topic: 'Providing culturally appropriate Mental Health First Aid for non-health trained community-based workers assisting Iraqi refugees: development of expert consensus guidelines and initial training evaluation'

Primary Supervisor – Dr Shameran Slewa-Younan

Co-supervisor – Professor Anthony Francis Jorm (University of Melbourne)

Felix Ogbo

Topic: 'Determinants of suboptimal breastfeeding practices in Nigeria: A multilevel analysis.'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Andrew Page

Co-supervisors – Dr Kingsley Agho, John Idoko

Grad_RandallDeborah Randall

Topic: 'Variation in outcomes for Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people after ischaemic heart disease: Where can interventions have the most impact?'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Louisa Jorm

Co-Supervisor – Alastair Leyland

Grad_BurtonAnthony Burton

Topic: 'Planning for the mitigation of the effects of climate change in disadvantaged urban populations greater western Sydney: Minimising health impacts in urban Australia'

Primary Supervisor – Hilary Bambrick

Co-Supervisor – Tony Capon and Sharon Friel

Lauren Kadwell


Topic: 'Constructions of sexuality in the context of palliative cancer care: Health professional perspectives'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Jane Ussher

Co-Supervisors – Professor Janette Perz, Adjunct Professor Liz Lobb

Kate Churruca

Topic: 'The bulimic body: Constructions of bulimia and women's embodied experiences of bulimic practices.'

Primary Supervisor – Professor Jane Ussher

Co-supervisors – Professor Janette Perz, Professor Phillipa Hay

Chloe Parton

Topic: 'Women's experiences of sexual embodiment in the context of cancer'

Primary Supervisor  –  Janette Perz

Co-Supervisors  – Jane Ussher, Emilee Gilbert

Seyed Morteza Shamshirgaran

Topic: 'Type 2 Diabetes in Migrant Groups: Population-Based Study of Life Style Factors, Complications and Hospital Use'

Primary Supervisor – Louisa Jorm

Co-Supervisor – Hilary Bambrick, Annemarie Hennessy

Linda Burnett

Topic: 'Thinking through motherhood'

Primary Supervisor – Jane Ussher

Co-Supervisor – Valerie Walkerdine

Michael Falster

Topic: 'The impacts of primary care, health service accessibility, and personal health characteristics on potentially avoidable hospitalisations'

Primary supervisor – Louisa Jorm

Shima Ghassempour

Topic: 'Adaptive data mining approach for anomalous patterns in admissions data'

Primary Supervisor – Anthony Maeder

Co-Supervisors – Federico Girosi, Louisa Jorm

Caroline Joyce

Topic: 'The relationship between mental health conditions, psychological distress and Coronary Heart Disease'

Primary Supervisor – Kathryn Nicholson-Perry

Co-Supervisors – Ian Wilson, Alys Havard

Marlee King

Topic: 'Men's construction and experience of their partner's premenstrual change'

Primary Supervisor – Jane Ussher

Co-Supervisor – Emilee Gilbert, Janette Perz

Jan Marie

Topic: 'An evaluation of health professional's perspectives on sexual changes after the diagnosis of cancer'

Primary Supervisor – Jane Ussher

Co-Supervisor – Emilee Gilbert, Ian Wilson

Lisa McCallum

Topic: 'Perinatal risk factors for pertussis in early childhood: An investigation using routinely collected linked administrative data'

Primary Supervisor – Louisa Jorm

Co-Supervisors – Bette Liu, Peter McIntyre

Arshad Muhammad Mehar

Topic: 'Data Mining and Data Management for Large Collections of Health Data'

Primary Supervisor - Anthony Maeder

Co-Supervisor - Kenan Matawie

Zia Rahman

Topic: 'Exploring the Correlation of Demographical, Health and Lifestyle parameters of Individuals in relation to self-rated memory using the '45 and Up Study' Survey Database'

Primary Supervisor – Gerald Muench

Co-Supervisor – Louisa Jorm, Phillipa Hay

Danielle Tran

Topic: 'An epidemiological study of diabetes related health outcomes among the Vietnam-born Australians'

Primary Supervisor – Louisa Jorm

Co-Supervisor – Maree Johnson, Hilary Bambrick

Steven Trankle

Topic: 'An interview study exploring the experiences and practices of doctors regarding end of life care decisions'

Primary Supervisor – Janette Perz

Co-Supervisor – Emilee Gilbert, John Haw