Budget Justification

Many funding applications call for a justification of the budget you are requesting from them (direct costs), other contributions (partner investigators/organisations) and how the University is supporting the project within the institution (indirect costs). These are usually outlined in separate sections.

Direct costs

  • Research assistance: outline the role and say why this is crucial to the conduct of the research. Say what skills are required for the position.
  • Travel: outline why you are going, how long you will be away or explain how you arrived at the total number of kilometres.
  • Maintenance: if you want to include phone, postage etc. this must be special to the project e.g. survey mailouts.
  • University Levy: contribution towards infrastructure costs.

Indirect costs

  • Investigator salaries proportional to the time allocated to the project.
  • Infrastructure e.g. office space, meeting venues, computer access.
  • Professional development (workshops for specific skills).
  • The research environment e.g. opportunities to work with other similar/related researchers and postgraduates.
  • Access to specialist resources such as libraries and or unique databases.

Always seek advice from your Research Development Officer (RDO) if you have any queries.