Upcoming events at Western Sydney University are listed below.

  • Oct 27
    Mind the Gap - Tending the Interface of art and therapy

    An exhibition featuring artworks by Andrew Bromley, Catherine Camden-Pratt, Johanna Davies, Kate Deacock, Mandy Evans, Elizabeth Fitzgerald, Joanna Jaaniste, Anita Lever, Joy Paton, Suzanne Perry, Martin Roberts, Sheridan Linnell and Sarah Versitano

  • Nov 13
    ACIAC Exhibition: The ‘Yunnan School’ of Artists

    A fine and intensive exhibition from recognized Yunnan artists.

  • Dec 17
    ACIAC Seminar: Australian Writing and Chinese Readers/Researchers in 'Foreign Literature'

    Insights into the complexities between Australian writing and Chinese readerships.

  • Jan 16
    Researching Post-Capitalist Possibilities PhD Summer School

    A 6-day Summer School course for PhD candidates and early career researchers.

  • Jan 21
    The Asia-Australia Algebra Conference 2019

    It will bring together world experts in a wide range of topics related to algebra. The objective of the conference is to promote collaboration betwee

  • Jan 24
    Researching Post- Capitalist Possibilities Conference 2019

    Reflection and discussion from the forthcoming "Handbook of Diverse Economies"

  • Jul 17
    7th International and Interdisciplinary Emotional Geographies Conference, 17-19 July 2019

    Hosted by School of Social Sciences & Psychology (SSAP), Western Sydney University