Upcoming events at Western Sydney University are listed below.

  • Nov 14

    Perspectives: artworks and performances by students from Hoxton Park High School.

  • Nov 25
    Public Astronomy Night at Penrith Observatory, November 25

    From Conventional Rockets to the Warp Drive

  • Nov 27
    Interviewing for Work Workshop - Parramatta City Campus

    This workshop can help you by giving you the skills, knowledge & practical experience needed to perform well in a wide variety of interview types.

  • Nov 28
    2017 Learning Showcase - Partnerships as Pedagogy

    This whole-of-university event will showcase teaching innovation and curriculum designs here at Western Sydney University.

  • Nov 28
    Panel Discussion on Contemporary Chinese Literature

    Discussion on contemporary Chinese literature among three panellists who are experts in Chinese language and literature.

  • Dec 1
  • Dec 4
    DH Downunder: Digital Humanities Research Methods summer institute

    DH Downunder is a week of training courses in digital research methods offered to students, staff and the general public by NSW/ACT universities

  • Dec 6
    2017 University Awards

    Presentation of the 2017 University Awards

  • Dec 7
    Public Talk "Comparison of Foreign Language Education Policies between Australia and China since the 1980s"

    This talk attempts to explore the similarities and differences between the foreign language policies in Australia and in China since the 1980s.

  • Dec 9
    Christmas Recital at the Whitlam Institute featuring Simon Tedeschi

    Your invitation to a Christmas Recital at the Whitlam Institute, featuring Simon Tedeschi.

  • Dec 9
    Public Astronomy Night at Penrith Observatory, December 9

    You Are Here, Part III: The Universe

  • Feb 28
    Western Sydney University Education Careers Expo (Edfest 2018)

    Careers Expo for students interested in a career in education or teaching