Workplace Flexibility and Diversity

Western Sydney University is committed to providing a flexible, supportive and diverse working environment and encourages employees to live a balanced lifestyle, combining work and family responsibilities.

  • Chaplaincy Services and Multi Faith Centres
    The Chaplaincy Team offers a caring presence to all staff and students at Western Sydney University, encouraging spirituality, offering hospitality and creating community with a key aim of helping you get the most out of your time at the University. Chaplains come from a variety of spiritual traditions.
  • Child Care Centres
    The Western Sydney University has childcare centres with places for the children of staff and students on six campuses.
  • Disability Services
    Western Sydney University is committed to creating an equitable and inclusive employment environment for staff with disabilities.
  • Flexible work options
    The University is committed to the implementation of working arrangements that find the best possible match between the interests of the University and those of an individual employee. The University recognises the possibility of work being performed in flexible working arrangements, to allow an employee to balance personal and work commitments. Flexible working arrangements are available to all employees subject to the requirements of the work unit.
  • Leave - including part time, personal leave and flexi leave The University is keen to continue its long standing reputation for fairness and equity in the workplace. The University proactively supports flexible work practices which enable it to attract and retain high quality staff. Flexible workplaces benefit both employees and employers - they make good business sense.
  • Flexible Work Options for transitioning staff
    Due to the age demographic of staff within Australian universities, it is acknowledged that within the next five to ten years, a large number of staff will wish to retire or change their work profile in some form. The Western Sydney University staff age demographic aligns to this challenge.

    The primary objectives of the flexible staffing options are to:
    • provide a variety of options to assist staff in their late career transitioning, and provide those staff who have family commitments with an option to structure their annual work cycle to enable them to manage better their commitments
    • provide the University with strategies to manage succession planning and retain valued staff in a variety of ways whilst planning future workforce alignment requirements.
  • Purchase Additional Leave (PAL) scheme
    The aim PAL scheme, subject to organisational requirements, is to provide general staff with the flexibility to purchase additional leave through annualisation of pay, for a defined period and in accordance with an agreed leave plan.
  • Salary Sacrifice
    Salary packaging (sometimes referred to as salary sacrificing) allows an employee to receive part of their salary in the form of benefits which reduces PAYG tax. The University pays for particular benefits on your behalf from your total gross wage, rather than you paying for the benefits from your nett wage.

    Approved salary sacrifice options include:

    • Standard and additional superannuation contributions
    • On Campus Child Care
    • University Car Parking
    • Novated motor vehicle leases
    • Lap top/notebook computers (used primarily for work purposes)
    • Connect Fitness
  • Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education
    Indigenous students at Western Sydney University can look forward to learning in a friendly and supportive environment which promotes independent thinking and embraces diversity. Badanami Centre for Indigenous Education provides a range of services for staff, students and community members in accessing higher education. The centre has offices located on each campus across the University.
  • Superannuation
    New or returning employees with at least 6 weeks break are eligible to nominate a superannuation fund of choice.