Bachelor of Medical Science

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Advance human health

This course provides the specific knowledge required for roles in the medical science field, with specialisation options in biomedical science, medicinal chemistry, and anatomy and physiology. Graduates of this course go on to work in a range of setting including medical research laboratories, hospital laboratories and in pathology laboratories. Studying medical science can also lead to positions in the pharmaceutical, medical sales and various research and quality control laboratories. If you’re looking at graduate study options, this degree provides an ideal platform for further research programs as well as medicine and pharmacy courses.

Professional accreditation

The Medicinal Chemistry major within the Bachelor of Medical Science is accredited by the Royal Australian Chemical Institute (RACI) for normal entry of a graduate to the Chartered Chemist qualification.

Course structure

The course structure is outlined in our handbook. Here you can view all of the units (subjects) you will be studying.

Biomedical science is a broad field that aims to understand the biology that underpins human and animal health and disease. In this major you will study the structure and function of biological organisms from the molecular to the systemic. The coursework in this major will give you an integrated foundation in physiology and anatomy, along with biochemistry, cell biology and genetics. This major will equip you with core discipline knowledge from which you can embark on unlimited career choices in or outside of a laboratory - from hospital pathology to biomedical engineering, medical technology and beyond.

This degree will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the basic sciences underpinning human health, wellbeing and its application to human disease. Medicinal chemistry lies at the interface of chemistry, biology and medicine. This major will give you a solid background in physiology, anatomy and pharmacology and will show you how chemistry and chemical design can lead to therapeutics and diagnostics that improve human health. You will learn how the natural world is a rich source of novel compounds and drug leads. A Bachelor of Medical Science (Medicinal Chemistry) degree will equip you with the multidisciplinary tools to succeed in careers as diverse as pharmaceutical development, biotechnology and quality assurance.

This degree will provide you with the opportunity to learn about the basic sciences underpinning human health, wellbeing and its application to human disease. The anatomy and physiology major focuses on the anatomy and physiology of the human body in relation to health and disease. The degree also allows for enrolment in a variety of sub-majors (with choices such as pharmacology, cell biology, microbiology, or immunology) or free electives, so students can design their own learning journey.

The Bachelor of Medical Science Forensic Mortuary Practice is the only degree of its kind in NSW, the innovative course will prepare you for the expanding opportunities within forensic mortuary practice. The course is designed for students who are interested in gaining an in-depth insight into medical and forensic sciences. This program combines the disciplines of medical science (anatomy, physiology, pathology) with a strong focus on forensic science (analysis, anthropology, biology, chemistry and mortuary practice), underpinned by traditional biomedical disciplines.

A partnership with the Forensic and Analytical Science Service (FASS) will ensure appropriate and relevant work-integrated learning and promote career readiness. FASS will offer placements to students at their three major sites at Lidcombe, Newcastle and Wollongong in the final year of the course.

Graduates of this degree can look forward to career opportunities in the funeral industry, forensic pathology services or as a postmortem assistant.

Fees and delivery

Fees: Varies depending on units selected. View available units in our handbook.

For further information on University fees, please visit Fees and University Costs.

Delivery: On campus

Fees: AUD $32,004*

Delivery: On campus



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— Jelena Sivcevic. Bachelor of Medical Science

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*The tuition fees quoted above are the fees for the normal full-time study load of the course (80 credit points) per annum. International students will be subject to a variable fee regime; i.e. enrolled students will be required to pay fees during their course based on the approved fee for each calendar year. Fee changes (if any) will occur at 1 January each calendar year. Students who extend their course past the normal finish date of the course will be required to pay additional fees based on the prevailing fee level. Western Sydney University is a multi-campus institution. The University reserves the right to alter the location of its courses between campuses and other locations as necessary. Students should be aware of the possibility of change of location for the whole or part of courses for which they enrol and should plan for the need to travel between Western Sydney campuses.