Chaplaincy and Inclusive Communities


For more information and support please contact Daniel Jantos Inclusive Communities Coordinator on 0402771543 or email

What is Chaplaincy and Inclusive Communities about?

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Inclusive Communities at Western Sydney University embraces the diversity of all of our students which means we believe that each has something vital to contribute to the strength and richness of the student community. We are keenly interested in each student’s academic success and know that academic success often is enhanced by social, emotional and spiritual factors. We work towards education here at Western being as personally fulfilling as possible for each one. We create opportunities for connecting, dialogue and friendship across ethnic and religious backgrounds.

The Chaplaincy service at Western Sydney University attends to the spiritual well-being of students and the university community more broadly. The pursuit of a higher education and the honing of career pathways is a spiritually rich and challenging process that involves deep reflection about one’s purpose, values and relationships. It is also a time in which students have the opportunity to make lasting friendships. Our multifaith chaplaincy operates in acknowledgement of a diverse community of ethnic and religious backgrounds. We see ourselves as a key collaborator in the University’s purpose of embracing diversity.

We pursue a capacity for supporting all students – those interested in particular religious traditions and those who have no affiliation with religious tradition but who are interested in spiritual questions and curious about clarifying their own values and priorities.

You may often find us cooking meals. This is in order to slow things down in this fast-paced lifestyle and create opportunities for connecting, dialogue and friendship. Such activity is the old-school approach to hospitality. We are keenly interested in each student’s success so that the process of education here at Western can be as personally fulfilling as possible for each one.

Our chaplains come from a variety of spiritual traditions, offering:

Multifaith facilities

Multifaith facilities are available for students and staff on all campuses.

  Multifaith Prayer, Meditation and Yoga Room Muslim Prayer Rooms Multi-faith Facilities
Bankstown City Level 4 (1.4.44) Level 4 (Female)
Level 4 (Male)
Level 4 (1.4.44)
Campbelltown   Building 2.2.02 Building 2.2.07
Hawkesbury   Building P9 Building P9
Liverpool   Level 1 Level 1
Parramatta   Building EA.LG.13 Building EF.G.07
Parramatta City PSQ1.1.23-24 (women after 12)

PSQ1.1.26-27 (men after 12)

  PSQ 1.1.35
(small groups
and Chaplaincy) 
 Penrith   Building H Building H

Our Multifaith facilities acknowledge the spiritual heritage of the Darug and Dharawal People, the traditional stewards of these lands. They are available for all who come in goodwill and in an attitude of respect – those who hold to a faith tradition as well as those who do not. They offer a safe place to meet, pray, reflect, meditate or simply take some time for yourself. Multifaith facilities are places where your inner life is respected and honoured.


The University is served by chaplains from a broad range of denominations/faith traditions:

Rev Richard Blight, (02) 9772 6526, 0478 102 453,

Marian Martin, 0412 273 829,

Fr Andrew Fornal, (02) 4721 8945, 0405 200 937,

Fr Piotr Kruk OP, 0407 732 509,

Kathy-May Sanayeh (Young Christian Workers), 0432 155 655,

Tim Gleeson (Citywest Church), 0406 734 043,

Sonya De Martin, 0430 008 737,

Steve Hodgson, 0401 477 745,

Fr Panagiotis Protopsaltis, 0402 219 214,

Sai Paravastu (Hindu Council of Australia), 0402 449 524,

Ziad Raad, 0449 098 998,

Rabbi Eli Feldman,

Rev Dr Christine Gapes, 0422 498 371,

Rev Tara Curlewis, 02 8838 8922,

Rev Christine Bayliss Kelly, 0409 925 607,

The University is also visited by other denominations/faith traditions. For more information please contact Daniel Jantos on 0402 771 543 or alternatively via email at or

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