Diploma in Culture, Society and Justice (Bachelor Pathway)

Interested in Social Sciences, Policing or Humanitarian Development studies? The Diploma in Culture, Society and Justice provides a pathway into 5 bachelor programs at Western. With no exams and personalised support provided through our student success coach, you will be able to complete the Diploma in 12 months, only studying one subject at a time alongside two preparatory subjects.

Diploma in Culture, Society and Justice (Bachelor Pathway)


Full Time: 1 Year (Available Part Time)*

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04 March 2024

22 July 2024

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Nirimba UAC 729276 Bankstown City UAC 729275
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Indicative annual fee from $11,885

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Program Code: 7188

Diploma in Culture, Society and Justice (Bachelor Pathway)

Through this program, students will investigate various social, cultural, legal, political, environmental, and economic challenges facing contemporary society and gain critical insight into key debates and perspectives that shape our understanding and professional practice across a range of fields. The Diploma program offers various avenues by which students can personalise learning, enhance their future employability and build their critical capacities to impact wider social change positively and ethically. The Diploma of Culture, Society and Justice is taught in blocks which lets you complete one discipline subject at a time over 4 weeks with no exams, and assessments are supported in class. When you successfully complete the 12-month diploma from The College, you’ll have the opportunity to move into one of the following Bachelor programs at Western with 12 months advanced standing: Bachelor of Social Science; Bachelor of Policing; Bachelor of Tourism and Event Management; Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies; or Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice. To apply, you won’t need an ATAR; all you need is ambition and the determination to work hard. Once you’re here, our mission is to make sure you have the supportive learning environment and flexibility to transform your life. That includes smaller class sizes and a dedicated Student Success Coach with greater access to one-on-one teaching and support.


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What you can expect to study

The program structure is outlined in our handbook. Here you can view all of the subjects you will be studying.

Career Opportunities

As a graduate of this degree, you can look forward to a broad range of exciting career opportunities in different sectors and industries. Below are some examples of the possible careers you can pursue with this degree:

  • Government agencies
  • Law enforcement agencies
  • Urban planning
  • International development agencies
  • Tourism management
  • Community work
  • Teaching (with further study)
  • Social Work
  • Counsellor
  • Heritage Officer
B Psychological and Social Sciences

Entry requirements for domestic students

Please consult the handbook for more information regarding entry requirements for this course.

You can read more about special requirements here.

B Psychological and Social Sciences

Entry requirements for international students

**Please note, if this course lists a part-time option, this is not available to International Students on a Student Visa.

Please consult the handbook for more information regarding entry requirements for this course.

You can read more about international academic entry requirements here.

Indicative annual fee

College Direct

A Commonwealth Supported Place (CSP) is one that is subsidised by the Commonwealth and applicable only to Domestic students. This means that the Australian Government pays part of your fees towards your program, therefore reducing your program fees, and the remaining amount is paid by you, this is considered your Student Contribution.

To work out how much your Student Contribution will be before you study, you will first need to find out the Student Contribution band your subjects fit into based on their general discipline area.

You can then calculate your student contributions to work out the total amount of your contribution.

The Higher Education Loan Program (HELP) is a range of loans introduced by the Australian Government from 2005 to provide fee payment assistance to eligible students. Loans are for Australian citizens studying in Australia or overseas. Permanent residents who hold a humanitarian visa are also eligible if studying in Australia.

If eligible you may be able to defer all or part of your Student Contribution through the HECS-HELP loan program. You may also be eligible for OS-HELP if undertaking studies overseas.

New Zealand citizens and holders of an Australian permanent resident visa (other than an Australian permanent humanitarian visa) are generally not entitled to HECS-HELP assistance. If you are a New Zealand citizen or permanent resident your Student Contribution amount must be paid in full by the census date.

However, the Australian Government has passed new legislation that changes the way some New Zealand citizens, who hold a Special Category Visa (SCV), studying in Australia will pay their fees. More information is available on the Changes to fees for New Zealand Citizens webpage.

Find out more about HECS-HELP

Find out more about OS-HELP

Apply as a Domestic Student

If you are a domestic student, you can apply through our Western Application system which is free of charge.

Domestic students are:

  • Australian Citizens
  • New Zealand Citizens
  • Australian permanent residents
  • Australian permanent humanitarian visa holders


Western Sydney University recognises and rewards students who demonstrate community engagement, outstanding academic ability and superior leadership skills. Donor-funded scholarships are also available, providing support for students based on both academic achievements and equity considerations. There are also scholarships available for specific degrees. 

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Bachelor of Psychological and Social Sciences

Full Time: 3 Years (Available Part Time)*

Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice

Full Time: 3 Years (Available Part Time)*

Bachelor of Policing

Full Time: 3 Years (Available Part Time)*

Diploma in Arts/Bachelor of Arts

Full Time: 3 Years

The tuition fees quoted above are the fees for the normal full-time study load of the program (80 credit points) per annum. International students will be subject to a variable fee regime; i.e. enrolled students will be required to pay fees during their program based on the approved fee for each calendar year. Fee changes (if any) will occur at 1 January each calendar year. Students who extend their program past the normal finish date of the program will be required to pay additional fees based on the prevailing fee level. Western Sydney University is a multi-campus institution. The University reserves the right to alter the location of its programs between campuses and other locations as necessary. Students should be aware of the possibility of change of location for the whole or part of programs for which they enrol and should plan for the need to travel between Western Sydney campuses.