Big Picture Pathway

Big Picture Pathway at Western

In partnership with Big Picture Education Australia and participating high schools, Western Sydney University provides students with a parallel portfolio-based pathway into a range of university degrees without needing an ATAR.

Participating high schools create a Big Picture pathway from year 9 - 10 onwards, as an alternative to the HSC. This pathway recognises the need for some learners to work on areas of interest in a more self-directed way and to develop a broad range of capabilities. This is assessed via the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF) and Australian Core Skills Framework (ACSF) on the basis of their subject interest. These students are passionate about what they are doing, and highly motivated to learn and achieve. 

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Project Based Learning

Students must complete a range of requirements, including a comprehensive portfolio and regular exhibitions of their work. In year 11 & 12, the Big Picture high school students enter into mentoring relationships with university academics in their area of interest.

In applying to Western, students submit their portfolio, including their principal's recommendation, and attend an interview with our academic staff. Upon successful completion, the student may be eligible for an offer into a degree at Western Sydney University or an enabling pathway such as The College.

More information about Big Picture Education and the program can be found on the Big Picture Education website.

"The Big Picture Pathway Program with Western Sydney University has supported me and brought me closer to my career goal of being a human rights lawyer. I could not recommend this pathway program more."

— Danu Tanner, Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development Studies

Big Picture Education Schools

For a comprehensive list of participating high schools, visit the Big Picture Education website.

Western welcomes enquiries and applications from Big Picture schools and their students Australia -wide.

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