Academic Support

At Western Sydney University there are many people dedicated to helping new students.

Whether it is through bridging programs, workshops on public speaking and time management, or Peer Assisted Study Sessions (PASS) – these and many more support services are there to make your transition to University as smooth as possible.

Academic study resources and support

  • New to the Library is a quick guide that points to key information to help when starting out. 'Know Now' links to information to consider as you begin University, 'Know Later' links to items that will assist down the track.
  • MATES provides first year students with the opportunity to be connected with students who are in later years of study. This helps students to make social networks and acquire knowledge and skills to help settle into life at university.
  • Bridging programs - a range of free preparation programs to help all new and continuing students. Run before the start of Autumn and Spring teaching sessions each year.
  • Academic skills workshops and roving library help is offered by academic staff within the Learning and Teaching Unit. Study and life skills workshops are offered by the Counselling Service.
  • In PASS (Peer Assisted Study Sessions) you will work with other students to understand the content of your subjects and develop various study strategies to help you improve your academic performance.
  • Our mature age student support guide to starting out at Western Sydney University is specifically designed to help students who are not current school leavers at the time of applying to university.
  • Online study resources and learning material to support undergraduate and postgraduate students.
  • With services and support now available online, Student Services Hub is your first point of contact for information, advice, forms and referrals to other services.
  • Competitive, contemporary print management services for all your student printing needs, from poster presentations to thesis printing and binding.

Explore other programs and services providing support for uni life.