School of Psychology


Discipline Lead | Tanya Meade

Psychology at Western Sydney University is internationally recognised for its impact in research, education and translation. Psychology was ranked in the top 150 (QS Rankings 2019) and above world standard in Excellence in Research for Australia 2018.

On 1 January 2020, the new School of Psychology was established to enhance the reach and impact of Psychology at Western. There is a thriving nexus of collaboration between the School of Psychology, the MARCS Institute for Brain, Behaviour and Development, the Translational Health Research Institute (THRI), and the NICM Health Research Institute (NICM) at Western.

The School of Psychology offers cutting-edge educational programs including undergraduate, postgraduate coursework (Clinical and Professional Psychology), postgraduate research, and Higher Degree Research. The School of Psychology is part of the University’s Health Cluster and operates Psychology Clinics that are open to the community as part of its commitment to clinical training and community wellbeing in the Western Sydney region.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Associate Professor Mark Antoniou, Research Program Leader
  • Associate Professor Phoebe Bailey
  • Dr Katrina Barker, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Catherine Best, Chair in Psycholinguistic Research
  • Dr Ana-Maria Bliuc, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Denis Burnham
  • Dr James Collison, Lecturer
  • Dr Jenna Condie, Senior Lecturer
  • Distinguished Professor Anne Cutler
  • Dr Martin Daly, Lecturer
  • Professor Christopher Davis
  • Professor Roger Dean
  • Associate Professor Nida Denson
  • Professor Paola Escudero Neyra
  • Dr Emilee Gilbert, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Craig Gonsalvez
  • Dr Rebekah Grace, Director, (TeEaCH)
  • Dr Anthony Jinks, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor Sarah Jones
  • Dr Liquan Liu, Lecturer
  • Professor Craig McGarty
  • Dr Andrew Milne, Senior Research Fellow
  • Dr Deborah Mitchison, Research Fellow
  • Dr Natalie Morrison, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Ahmed Moustafa
  • Dr Roberto Parada, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Belinda Ratcliffe, Lecturer
  • Professor Karl Roberts
  • Dr Prathyusha Sanagavarapu, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Kiley Seymour, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Susan Sisko, Lecturer
  • Dr Evelyn Smith, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Danielle Tracey
  • Associate Professor Michael Tyler
  • Dr Eva Vass, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Tamara Watson
  • Associate Professor Gabrielle Weidemann
  • Dr Michele Wiese, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Quincy Wong, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Shameran Younan

Top 10 in Australia for Psychology

Top 150 worldwide for Psychology

Ranked in the top 10 in Australia and top 150 worldwide for Psychology