Doctor Renu Narchal

Doctor Renu Narchal

Associate Dean, Engagement and International,
Dean's Unit, School of Psychology

Senior Lecturer in Psychology,
General Psychology


After an academic career lasting over 15 years at Lady Sri Ram College (11 years as a Reader & Senior Lecturer in Psychology; including 2 years as Head, Department of Psychology) and Daulat Ram College (5 years as Lecturer in Psychology), University of Delhi, Delhi, India, I migrated to Australia in 2000. Prior to joining University of Western Sydney in 2002, I worked at the Department of Community Services (Child protection) and Department of Ageing Disabilities and Home Care (Psychologist). These Public Service positions provided first hand experience with multi cultural families in Australia.

At UWS, I am involved in Postgraduate and Undergraduate teaching. I also supervise research at the Masters, Hons and Post Graduate Diploma levels.

My current research interests and publications are in the area of health and wellbeing. As a developmental psychologist, I am keen on understanding the impact of life events on development, more so from the point of view of migration and settlement issues like loneliness, general ethnic discrimination, psychological distress, help seeking, language barriers, job-seeking challenges to mention a few. I am one of the few researchers to apply the Attachment Framework in understanding migratory experiences.

Presently I am conducting research in a much neglected area in migrant settlement, the contribution of children in migrant settlement. The research revolves around adults who remember their childhood experiences of assisting their parents by interpreting and translating information as ?language brokers?.

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  • PhD University of Delhi
  • MA University of Delhi
  • BA University of Delhi

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit, School of Psychology
  • General Psychology


Phone: (02) 9685 9296
Mobile: 0400984734
Location: EH.G.07

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Journal Articles

  • Tomasi, A., Slewa-Younan, S., Narchal, R. and Rioseco, P. (2022), 'Professional mental health help-seeking amongst Afghan and Iraqi refugees in Australia : understanding predictors five years post resettlement', International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, vol 19, no 3 .
  • Tomasi, A. and Narchal, R. (2020), 'Experiences and psychological well-being of language brokers in Australia : a mixed methods approach', Australian Psychologist, vol 55, no 4 , pp 397 - 409.
  • Ussher, J., Perz, J., Metusela, C., Hawkey, A., Morrow, M., Narchal, R. and Estoesta, J. (2017), 'Negotiating discourses of shame, secrecy, and silence : migrant and refugee women's experiences of sexual embodiment', Archives of Sexual Behavior, vol 46, no 7 , pp 1901 - 1921.
  • Metusela, C., Ussher, J., Perz, J., Hawkey, A., Morrow, M., Narchal, R., Estoesta, J. and Monteiro, M. (2017), '"In my culture, we don't know anything about that" : sexual and reproductive health of migrant and refugee women', International Journal of Behavioral Medicine, vol 24, no 6 , pp 836 - 845.
  • Narchal, R. and McDavitt, S. (2017), 'Loneliness and anxiety sensitivity : understanding behavioural avoidance in the lonely', Acta Psychopathologica, vol 3, no 5 .
  • Narchal, R., Cowin, L., Wilson, I. and Harding, D. (2013), 'Becoming a medical student', The International Journal of Pedagogy and Curriculum, vol 19, no 2 , pp 140 - 149.
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  • Shinnaoui, D. and Narchal, R. (2010), 'Brain gain to brain waste : individual biases, prejudice, and discounting of migrant skills', Journal of Internationa Migration and Intergration, vol 11, no 4 , pp 423 - 437.
  • Narchal, R. (2007), 'Migration: destruction and reconstruction of the Self', E-Journal of Applied Psychology, vol 3, no 1 , pp 55 - 64.

Conference Papers

  • Narchal, R. (2006), 'At home and lonely', Psychology bridging the Tasman: Science, Culture and practice, Auckland, New Zealand.
  • Narchal, R. (2005), 'Impact of Gender Imageability and advertising styles on consumer involvement', CEASS Conference: Scholarship and Community UWS 2005, University of Western Sydney, Bankstown.

Other Publications

  • 2017, 'On the Brim: Impact of Volunteer Support on Vulnerable Elderly', Report
  • 2017, 'Sexual and Reproductive Health of Migrant and Refugee Women: Research Report and Recommendations for Healthcare Providers and Community Workers', Report
  • 2013, 'Apply Apply Negative Reply: Understanding Job-Seeking Experiences of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Job-Seekers in Australia', Report
  • 2008, 'Attachment, Trust, Distress and Help Seeking in Refugees and Humanitarian Entrants', Report
  • Health and wellbeing
  • Attachment, psychological distress and wellbeing
  • Social cognition ( e.g. general ethnic discrimination) from a migrants perspective
  • Stress coping and immune system

This information has been contributed by Doctor Narchal.

Current Projects

Title: Guide Dogs NSW/ACT - Evaluation of the Positive Paws Program
  • Guide Dogs NSW/ACT
Western Researchers: Nida Denson and Renu Narchal
Years: 2021-04-27 - 2024-04-27
ID: P00027202

Previous Projects

Title: Attachment styles and loneliness narratives of migrant students at University of Western Sydney
  • University of Western Sydney
Western Researchers: Renu Narchal
Years: 2004-08-24 - 2005-08-23
ID: P0010256
Title: Loneliness Narratives and Attachment Styles of Somali Migrants in a new Cultural Context
  • The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre Incorporated
Western Researchers: Renu Narchal
Years: 2005-02-17 - 2005-08-04
ID: P0014568
Title: Attachment Trust Distress and Helpseeking in Refugees and Humanitarian Entrants
  • The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre Incorporated
Western Researchers: Renu Narchal
Years: 2007-01-01 - 2008-08-15
ID: P0015483
Title: Sexual health of migrant women from culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) groups: an international comparison
  • Community Migrant Resource Centre
  • Australian Research Council (ACRG)
  • Simon Fraser University
  • Family Planning NSW
Western Researchers: Janette Perz, Jane Ussher and Renu Narchal
Years: 2014-05-12 - 2017-12-31
ID: P00021318
Title: On The Brim: Experience of Homelessness
  • Catholic Community Services
Western Researchers: Renu Narchal and Ahmed Moustafa
Years: 2015-04-22 - 2017-10-31
ID: P00022539
Title: Apply, Apply Negative Reply: Understanding Job-Seeking Experiences of Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Job-Seekers in Australia
  • The Hills Holroyd Parramatta Migrant Resource Centre Incorporated
Western Researchers: Renu Narchal
Years: 2008-11-27 - 2010-12-31
ID: P00016381
Title: How in-language advertising impacts behaviour
  • Special Broadcasting Service Corporation
Western Researchers: Kevin Dunn, Renu Narchal, Karen Mattock, Nida Denson, Alanna Kamp and Rachel Sharples
Years: 2020-11-09 - 2022-08-31
ID: P00026937

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