School of Business

Human Resources and Management

Discipline Lead | Amir Mahmood

The Human Resources and Management group conducts innovative and impactful research that explores the leadership and management of people and processes. Western Sydney University makes a difference by furthering what is known about Human Resources and Management, and translating this knowledge into contemporary organisational contexts across government, private and not-for-profit sectors.

We are committed to applied research in Greater Western Sydney, national and international contexts, and our research partners range from small firms to multinationals and include all levels of government. This work is informed by our interest in equity, innovation, quality processes, governance, and the integration of advanced technology with business. We produce data-driven, interdisciplinary, and policy-oriented scholarship which is disseminated in public and professional domains and academic outlets. Business and community impacts include recommendations for policy, organisational planning, strategic enterprise growth, professional practice in leadership and management and capacity building forums. Our research is reflected in the design of industry accredited undergraduate and postgraduate programs, and supports increasingly diverse areas of doctoral scholarship.

Academics for this Discipline

  • Dr Helen Black, Lecturer
  • Ms Marion Cornish, Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Ann Dadich
  • Dr Pheroza Daruwalla, Senior Lecturer
  • Ms Aruna Deo, Lecturer
  • Dr Wayne Fallon, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Qiuyan Fan, Lecturer
  • Dr Youqing Fan, Lecturer
  • Dr Sheree Gregory, Lecturer
  • Dr Thomas Klikauer, Senior Lecturer
  • Professor George Lafferty
  • Dr Henry Lau, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Michael Lyons, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Rada Massingham, Lecturer
  • Dr Toni Moore, Associate Lecturer
  • Dr Terri Mylett, Lecturer
  • Dr Premaratne Samaranayake, Senior Lecturer
  • Dr Sepani Senaratne, Senior Lecturer
  • Associate Professor Terrence Sloan
  • Mrs Ayda Succarie, Lecturer

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