Doctor Nadine Campbell

Doctor Nadine Campbell

Academic Program Advisor, Human Resource Management,
Human Resources & Management

Human Resources & Management


My professional teaching experience began in 1994 when I tutored undergraduate and postgraduate students in the Public Administration Department of the California State University, Dominguez Hills. Since then, I have continually looked at ways to improve the subject material and processes used to administer and improve teaching and learning and academic literacy by participating in various symposiums and courses. I have continually and systematically increased the use of technology within my subjects to increase student engagement and facilitate blended learning outcomes.

However, I am still conscious of the changing needs of our large cohorts who have little enthusiasm for engaging in the learning process if they do not see a direct connection between the material taught and future career prospects as well as the individuality of the learners who obtain knowledge in a variety of ways. Therefore, I have taken a cognitive approach to education that embraces interactive learning and self-discovery, whereby learning is a process of acquiring content through thinking about experiences and theory, which lead to insight and problem-solving. That is, the learner is given an opportunity to gather data from a variety of resources both inside and outside the classroom, including online delivery (quizzes, discussion boards, simulations, etc.) to help develop insight and/or patterns of relationships among elements of the subject and course curriculum. This way, the student searches for meaning, which assists in critical analysis, problem-solving, and creativity through the reorganisation of data.

To that end, I have injected this teaching philosophy into the subject that I have taught and coordinated, which include: Business Academic Skills (UG); Academic Workshop Sia/ls (PG); Employee Training and Development (UG & PG); Business Ethics (UG); Human Resource Management (UG & PG); Managing Diversity (UG); Managing People at Work (UG); Micro and Macro Industrial Relations(UG); Negotiations (UG & PG); Organisational Behaviour (UG & PG); Psychology and Sociology of Work (UG); Recruitment and Selection (UG & PG); Statistics (UG & PG); and Strategic Human Resource Management (PG).

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  • PhD University of Sydney
  • MA California State University
  • MPA California State University
  • BA University of California

Professional Memberships

  • American Higher Education Alliance (AHEA) (2021)
  • University of Sydney Alumni Association (2002)
  • International Education Association of Australia (IEAA) (2019)
  • • International Employment Relations Association (1999)


  • Phi Kappa Phi 1995-06-24
  • Overseas Postgraduate Research Scholarship 1996-01-26
  • Graduate Equity Fellow 1995-06-26
  • Delta Sigma Theta Scholar 1996-06-26
  • California Pre-Doctoral Scholarship 1995-01-18
  • Pi Alpha Alpha 1995-06-24

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Human Resources & Management
  • Human Resources & Management


Phone: (02) 9685 9829
Location: 1.8.15

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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 13732 Recruitment and Selection, 2001
  • 200150 Managing Diversity, 2004
  • 200300 Managing People at Work, 2006
  • 200336 Business Academic Skills, 2008
  • 200585 Organisational Behaviour, 2017
  • 200610 Employee Training and Development, 2000
  • 200613 Negotiation, Bargaining and Advocacy, 2016
  • 200616 Workplace Behaviour, 2004
  • 51176 Employee Training and Development (PG), 2000
  • 51179 Recruitment and Selection (PG), 2001



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Chapters in Books

  • Campbell, N. (2014), 'Plagiarism and referencing', Skills for Academic and Career Success, Pearson Australia 9781442563216.
  • Campbell, N. (2014), 'Essays : academic writing', Skills for Academic and Career Success, Pearson Australia 9781442563216.

Journal Articles

  • Alotaibi, H. and Campbell, N. (2023), 'Organizational culture towards Saudi Arabia's Vision 2030 : evidence from National Water Company', Businesses, vol 2, no 4 , pp 562 - 577.
  • Alam, M., Campbell, N., Das, S., Hashim, F., Hidayat ur Rehman, I. and Iqbal, J. (2023), 'Green training and development revolutionizing organizational performance : the moderating role of green employee involvement in the Bangladeshi pharmaceutical industry', International Business Research, vol 16, no 9 , pp 36 - 49.
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  • Campbell, N. (2002), 'Enterprise Bargaining and Its Impact on Stakeholders in Tertiary Level Education', Employment Relations Record, vol 2, no 2 , pp 47 - 58.

Conference Papers

  • Campbell, N. (2004), 'Globalization, negotiation tactics and convergence', 12th Annual Conmference of the International Employment Relations Association (IERA): Regionalism and Globalisation - The challenge for employment relations, Rydes Capricorn Resort, Yepoon, (Rockhampton) Queensland, Australia.
  • Campbell, N. (2003), 'On-Line Learning - Getting to Know Your Course Material', Third Interantional Employment Relations Association, Monash University.
  • Campbell, N. (2002), 'Consistance of Assessments', IERA Inaugural Teaching and Learning Conference, Castlereagh Inn, Sydney.
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  • Campbell, N. (2000), 'Decentralised negotiations in tertiary level institutions in the US and Australia', International Employment Relations Association. Conference, Singapore.
  • Campbell, N. (1999), 'Impediments and approaches to minority and women business enterprise participation in Southern California's public sector', International Employment Relations Association. Conference, Canterbury, N.Z..

Research interests

  • Emerging markets
  • Green HRM
  • Organisational Performance
  • Artificial Intelligence & HRM

This information has been contributed by Doctor Campbell.

Previous Projects

Title: Stepped Care Evaluation
  • South Western Sydney Primary Health Network Ltd
Western Researchers: David Lim, Arianne Reis, Ann Dadich and Nadine Campbell
Years: 2022-09-01 - 2023-09-30
ID: P00028276


Doctor Campbell is available to be a principal supervisor for doctoral projects

Current Supervision

Thesis Title: The impact of knowledge sharing on Entrepreneur's perfomance
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: MRES International coursework
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: The Impact of Downsizing on Organizational Culture: Multinational Banks
Field of Research:


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