Professor Elise Pendall

Professor Elise Pendall is a soil and ecosystem ecologist who investigates the responses of biogeochemical cycling to climate change and ecological disturbances. She spent 11 years on the faculty of the University of Wyoming, and came to HIE in 2014, where she leads the Soil Biology and Genomics theme and teaches the Master's unit "Ecosystems in a Changing World."

Her current research uses eddy covariance and stable isotopes to investigate the seasonality of carbon cycling in native Eucalyptus woodlands near Sydney, as part of the Australian Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (opens in a new window) and OzFlux (opens in a new window). Elise's research interests centre on how linkages between aboveground and belowground ecosystem components regulate carbon, water and nutrient cycling in grasslands, forests and crops. She uses stable isotope techniques to investigate carbon storage in soils, water losses from plants, and nitrogen turnover by soil microbes. She works closely with postdocs and students to conduct basic and applied research on ecosystems in Australia and beyond.

I'm interested in the metabolism of terrestrial ecosystems - the breathing of the Earth - and how it can mitigate climate change...

Key research questions investigate how climate change and ecological disturbances might impact carbon storage and water loss from these sensitive ecosystems. Elise has authored more than 80 refereed journal articles, including a highly cited synthesis of belowground process responses to climate change. Recently, she has shown that plant species mediate feedbacks to climate change by altering decomposition and nutrient cycling processes, and ecosystem respiration decreases with warming in a semiarid grassland, with important influences of prior soil moisture and temperature.

Prof Elise Pendall's research topics

Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

Bushfires (opens in a new window), Soil science, biogeochemistry, ecosystem ecology, stable isotope ecology.

Awards and Recognition

  • Member of the editorial board, Biogeoscience, 2014-present
  • Associate Editor of the editorial board Journal of Geophysical Research: Biogeosciences, 2013-present
  • Member of the editorial advisory board, Global Change Biology, 2011-present
  • Guest Editor, Environmental Research Letters, Special Issue on Extreme Events and Carbon Cycle
  • Guest Editor, Functional Ecology, Special Feature on Belowground Responses to Global Change
  • Extraordinary Merit in Research, University of Wyoming, 2009
  • National Center for Ecological Analysis and Synthesis (NCEAS) Science Advisory Board, 2009-2011
  • NOAA Climate and Global Change Post-Doctoral Fellowship, 1998-2000

Societies I Support

Grants / Current Projects

    Rhizosphere mediation of soil greenhouse gas fluxes with climate change
    Co-Researchers: Sally Power and Catriona Macdonald
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2022-2024

    Impacts of climate extremes on the productivity, nutritional characteristics and persistence of perennial legumes and mixtures
    Co-Researchers: Sally Power and Ben Moore
    Partner/Funding Body: Meat and Livestock Australia
    Period: 2022-2025

    DPIE Cumberland Plain Conservation Plan - Research Strategy and Implementation
    Co-Researchers: Paul Rymer, Uffe Nielsen, Matthias Boer, Rachael Nolan, Jeff Powell, Yolima Carrillo, Catriona Macdonald, Ben Moore, Markus Riegler, Neil Perry and Juan Salazar
    Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
    Period: 2021-2025

    Bushfire Recovery: Endangered dry sclerophyll woodlands, Sydney basin bioregion
    Co-Researchers: Paul Rymer, Matthias Boer and Yolima Carrillo.
    Partner/Funding Body: Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment
    Period: 2020-2021

    Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Network (TERN)Co-Researchers: David Ellsworth, Matthias Boer and Brendan Choat
    Partner/Funding Body: NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment
    Period: 2020-2022

    Bushfire Risk Management Research Hub - Burning for a healthy future: People and their environments
    Co-Researchers: Matthias Boer, Brendan Choat, Belinda Medlyn and Mark Tjoelker
    Partner/Funding Body: NSW Office of Environment and Heritage [via University of Wollongong]
    Period: 2018-2022

    Brown is the new green: grassland responses to drought and heat
    Co-Researchers: Belinda Medlyn, Sally Power and David Tissue
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2018-2020

    Temperature sensitivity of ecosystem respiration and its components
    Co-Researcher: Mark Tjoelker
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2017-2019

    Sustainable pasture systems under climate extremes
    Co-Researchers: Sally Power, Ian Anderson, Brajesh Singh, Mark Tjoelker, David Tissue, Jeff Powell, Catriona Macdonald and Ben Moore
    Partner/Funding Body: Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) Donor Company & Dairy Australia
    Period: 2017-2020

    Decadal Scale Estimates of Forest Water Yield After Bark Beetle Epidemics in Southern Wyoming
    Co-Researchers: Brent Ewers, Urszula Norton, Shannon Albeke, Ramesh Sivanpillai
    Partner/Funding Body: Wyoming Water Research
    Period: 2012-2013

    Water in a Changing West: The Wyoming Center for Environmental Hydrology and Geophysics
    Co-Researchers: Scott Miller and Stephen Holbrook
    Partner/Funding Body: US National Science Foundation
    Period: 2012-2017

    Data-model synthesis of grassland carbon metabolism: Quantifying direct, indirect and interactive effects of warming and elevated CO2
    Co-Researchers: Kiona Ogle, Bill Parton and David Williams
    Partner/Funding Body: US Department of Energy Terrestrial Carbon
    Period: 2011-2014

    Winter soil respiration in Southeast Wyoming
    Co-Researcher: Colin Tucker
    Partner/Funding Body: US National Science Foundation
    Period: 2011-2013

    Plant-microbe feedback responses to climate change in grasslands
    Co-Researchers: Matthew Wallenstein, Dana Blumenthal and Yolima Carrillo
    Partner/Funding Body: US National Science Foundation
    Period: 2010-2014

    How the timing of summer precipitation affects the responses of boreal forest to climate change
    Co-Researchers: D Mann and A Lloyd
    Partner/Funding Body: US National Science Foundation
    Period: 2010-2013

    Impacts of bark beetle outbreaks on forest water yield in southern Wyoming
    Co-Researchers: Brent Ewers and David Williams
    Partner/Funding Body: Wyoming Water Development Council
    Period: 2010-2013

    Quantifying the effects of large-scale vegetation change on coupled water, carbon and  nutrient cycles: Beetle KillCo-Researchers: Paul Brooks, Brent Ewers
    Partner/Funding Body: US National Science Foundation
    Period: 2009-2012

    How does warming prevent soil nitrogen availability from declining in response to elevated CO2?Co-Researchers: Mark Hovenden, PC Newton, Matthias Rillig, Pauline Mele and Mark Lieffering
    Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
    Period: 2009-2013

Selected Publications

Young Sprout

Chakraborty R, Purakayastha TJ, Pendall E, Dey S, Jain N, Kumar S, (2023) 'Nitrification and urease inhibitors mitigate global warming potential and ammonia volatilization from urea in rice-wheat system in India: A field to lab experiment', Science of the Total Environment, vol.898, Article no.165479

Chandregowda MH, Tjoelker MG, Pendall E, Zhang H, Churchill AC, Power SA, (2023) 'Belowground carbon allocation, root trait plasticity, and productivity during drought and warming in a pasture grass', Journal of Experimental Botany, vol.74, no.6, pp 2127 - 2145

Yang J, Medlyn BE, Barton CVM, Churchill AC, De Kauwe MG, Jiang M, Krishnananthaselvan A, Tissue DT, Pendall E, Power SA, (2023) 'Green-up and brown-down: Modelling grassland foliage phenology responses to soil moisture availability', Agricultural and Forest Meteorology, vol.328, Article no.109252

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