EucFACE – Eucalyptus Free Air Carbon Dioxide Enrichment Experiment (opens in a new window)

Is designed to predict the effects of rapidly rising atmospheric carbon dioxide on Australia’s unique native forests. No such experiment of this size has ever been done in the Southern Hemisphere.

This innovative experiment aims to predict decades in advance the effects of exposure to rising CO2 levels on our unique native forest ecosystems...

Building National Collaborations

The Cumberland Plain woodland where the EucFACE site and the Flux Tower are located is an official TERN (Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network) Supersite and therefore part of the Australian-wide TERN Supersite Network. For more information please see the official TERN website (opens in a new window).

Professor Matthias Boer is Project Leader for our supersite and our continued involvement with TERN.

Additionally, many researchers from institutions across Australia and worldwide are conducting measurements and sampling at EucFACE as part of linked research efforts.