We are always looking for keen, dedicated people to join us at a variety of levels. There are numerous ways to become part of the Hawkesbury Institute through volunteering, internships, scholarships, collaborative research exchanges, Summer Studentships, Masters and PhD programs.

Ask any of our students about their experience with the Hawkesbury Institute and they will tell you about a richly rewarding studentship, working among the most passionate and expert researchers in their fields.

What Are You Looking For Today?

MRes 170

The Masters of Research is a new two-year postgraduate qualification that provides in-depth training and preparation for continuing to a PhD. It replaces what was formerly the Honours program. The MRes is administered through the Graduate Research School.

PhD 170

Our PhD graduates almost always go onto excellent careers in the sciences, government or private industry. The HIE PhD program is well-regarded as providing high-quality scientific training with most students publishing in esteemed journals prior to graduation. PhD programs are administered through the Graduate Research School.