Doctor Simon Tierney

Simon is an Evolutionary Ecologist interested in animal behaviour and ecological interactions.  Using field and genetic tool-kits he aims to understand the interplay between whole organisms, their environment and their genes, with a particular focus on social insect organisation, photic niche shifts and pollination.  He has undertaken extensive fieldwork throughout Australia, the Americas, Africa and Asia - experiences that afford key insights into the evolution and function of the natural world.

His PhD investigated allodapine bees that can switch between solitary and social lifestyles (Flinders University, Adelaide), and he then undertook a series of postdocs exploring neotropical halictine bees that are similarly social, but unusual in their habit of nocturnal foraging (Smithsonian Tropical Research Institute, Panama).  This latter program developed a parallel interest in vision and led to projects exploring the molecular evolution of vision genes in nocturnal bees, blind water beetles (regressive evolution) and the development high-throughput sequencing technology and bioinformatics (University of Adelaide); skills that were subsequently applied to bee projects on differential gene expression between queen vs worker castes and social parasites vs their hosts.

Simon joined the HIE in 2017 and is currently involved in a multi-disciplinary project aimed at understanding and safeguarding the pollination services provided by Australian bees.

Research and Teaching Interests

Evolution, Behaviour, Ecology, Genetics, Systematics, Biogeography, Vision, Pollination

Awards and Recognition

  • Fellow of the Linnean Society of London

Selected Publications

Book Chapters

Wcislo WT & Tierney SM.  2009.  Evolution of communal behavior in bees and wasps: an alternative to eusociality. In: Organization of Insect Societies: from genomes to socio-complexity (eds Gadau J, Fewell J), pp 148-169. Harvard University Press: Cambridge MA.


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