Associate Professor Rachael Gallagher

I’m a plant enthusiast who had a winding path into academia via art school.

Rachael Gallagher My relationship with the Australian bush runs deep, having grown up roaming for hours along the ridgelines of our local patch. This connection fuels my ongoing interest in plant conservation, ecology and biogeography. Following my undergraduate degree in ecology, I joined the New South Wales Herbarium to digitise specimens and was delighted by the history and nature of work in the herbarium. Processing specimens, I gained a keen eye for detail about the early Australian botanists and an understanding of the taxonomic breadth in the Australian flora.

I embarked on a PhD at Macquarie University on climbing plants which exposed me to the world of plant trait research. This built the foundation of my research interest into the many ways traits can be embedded into conservation science. I remain fascinated by this question, and develop and apply trait-based approaches to understanding how plants will fare in a hotter, drier and more fire-prone world.

I was supported post-PhD by two fellowships which took me abroad (mainly southwestern USA) and allowed me to dip in and out of full-time academic work when parenting needed to come first. After becoming a faculty member at Macquarie following my DECRA, I joined HIE in 2021.

Since 2016, I’ve been involved in the legislative protection of Australia’s plants as a member of Threatened Species Scientific Committees for the state of New South Wales (2016-2021; Deputy Chair) and the Commonwealth of Australia (current). I see the value in using my scientific knowledge to work closely with decision makers, and sometimes be one myself.

Areas of research/teaching expertise

Conservation biology; ecology; plant functional traits; biogeography; macroecology; species adaptation to climate change; global change biology

Awards and recognition

  • 2020 NSW Premiers Prize for Early Career Research (Biological Sciences)
  • 2015 NSW Young Tall Poppy Science Award, Australian Institute for Policy & Science


Past five years

Australian Research Council – Linkage. 2021-2025.
Restoring diverse native vegetation with drone-based precision seeding (Gallagher, Tetu, Adams, Wright, Rossetto, Cuneo, Offord). Partners: AirSeed Technology; Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust.

National Environmental Science Program – 2021-2028.
Resilient Landscapes Hub.

Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment – 2020.
Prioritisation of impacts on the Australian flora after the 2019-2020 bushfire season.

Commonwealth Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment – 2021-2022.
Species Expert Assessment Panel (plants)

Australian Research Data Commons – Australian Data Partnerships. 2021-2023.
AusTraits: a national database on the traits of Australia’s complete flora (Falster, Gallagher, Sauquet, Wenk)

Australian Research Council – Discovery. 2020-2023.
Pushing the envelope: does range size limit eucalypt tolerance to warming? (Tjoelker, Gallagher, Crous, Drake, Reich).

Australian Research Council – Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture. 2021-2028
(Associate Investigator)

NSW Office of Environment & Heritage SoS Key Threatening Process Research Fund. 2020-2021.
Statewide risk mapping to inform strategic management of Key Threatening Processes (Gallagher, Adams, Butt)

Eucalyptus Australia – 2020-2023.
Eucalypt futures: using functional traits to predict species distributions and responses to environmental change (Vesk, Falster, De Kauwe, Gallagher, Guillera-Arroita)

Australian Research Council – Discovery Early Career Research Award (DECRA). 2017-2021.
Life on the edge: how species interactions shape range boundaries

Bioplatforms Australia. 2020-2023.
Australian Grasslands and Adaptation Framework (Atwell, Wright, Ludwig, Burton, Gallagher)

NSW Office of Environment & Heritage. 2018-2019.
Review of species in the Keep Watch Management Stream of the Saving our Species program. (Gallagher, Adams, Leishman, Hughes, Beaumont)

Horticultural Innovation Australia. 2018-2021.
Which plant where? (Leishman, Ellsworth, Hughes, Beaumont, Power, Tjoelker, Gallagher, Rymer, Anderson, Dunford, Lee, Nipperess)


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