Doctor Jun-Tao Wang

Juntao WangJun-Tao Wang was awarded a Research Support Program Fellowship in 2021. His research centres on Bushfire Research: Soil Biodiversity.

Jun-Tao joined HIE in June 2019 as a research fellow within the Soil Biology & Genomics research theme. He is interested in the ecology of microbial community, including their biogeography, functional traits and theoretical interpretation. Jun-Tao finished his PhD in the Research Center for Eco-Environmental Sciences, Chinese Academy of Sciences, where he used statistical and NGS-based molecular approaches to study the biogeographic patterns of soil bacterial and fungal taxa in forest and grassland ecosystems. Then he extended his study from taxonomy to functions, by combing the metagenomic output with the ecological strategy of microbes.

Awards and recognition

  • Research Support Program Fellow (Level B) - Bushfire Research: Soil Biodiversity (4 yrs), 2021

Current Project Grants

Soil biological mechanisms underpinning the effects of biological amendments on soil health, productivity and resilience
Co-Researchers: Brajesh Singh (WSU), Lynette Abbott, Sasha Jenkins, Nanthi Bolan,  Kadambot Siddique, Zakaria Solaiman, Bede Mickan, Marit Kragt, Louise Barton and Matthias Leopold (UWA) and Petra Marschner (Uni Adelaide)
Partner/Funding Body: Department of Agriculture, Water and Environment via the National Soil Science Challenge [via UWA]
Period: 2022-2025

Novel bio-based and agronomic solutions for effective management of key root pathogens
Co-Researchers: Brajesh Singh, Eleonora Egidi, and Catriona Macdonald
Partner/funding body: Future Food Systems Cooperative Research Centre
Period: 2022-2026


2017-2019, NSFC, Soil microbial traits along elevational gradient on Mt Wuzhi in Hainan, (c.a. $40,000)

Selected Publications

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