Distinguished Professor Ian Wright (Chief Scientist)

Ian WrightDistinguished Professor Ian Wright is a Professor in Plant Functional Ecology, and the new Chief Scientist for the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment.

Ian is best known for global-scale analysis of plant traits, for careful quantification of plant structure-function relationships, and for using concepts from microeconomics to understand plant ecology and evolution (e.g. “Leaf Economic Spectrum”; “Least-cost theory”).

New work as a Chief Investigator with the ARC Centre for Plant Success in Nature & Agriculture focuses on understanding adaptations to heat and water stress within the Australian flora, including in crop wild relatives.
Ian retains an Honorary Professor position at Macquarie University where he worked for many years before moving to the HIE in late 2021.

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Areas of research/teaching expertise

Plant ecology and evolution; plant ecological strategies; plant functional traits

Awards and recognition

  • Clarivate Highly Cited (HiCi) Researcher ranked in the top 1% of researchers globally – identifying them as the world’s most influential scientists – Plant and animal sciences 2014-2021
  • Clarivate Highly Cited (HiCi) Researcher ranked in the top 1% of researchers globally – identifying them as the world’s most influential scientists – environment/ecology 2014-2018
  • Awarded NSW Premier’s Prize for Science & Engineering – Biological Sciences, 2020
  • Elected Fellow of Australian Academy of Sciences, 2019
  • Awarded Fenner Medal (Australian Academy of Sciences mid-career award), 2015


Field and glasshouse studies on eucalypts and native grasses
Partner/funding body: ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture

Period: 2022-2024

Centre of Excellence PhD scholarships
Partner/funding body: ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture

Period: 2022-2025

Leaf and wood physiology and biomass allocation as drivers of plant growth
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery (via Macquarie University)
Period: 2022-2024

A general theory for ecological trait-strategy dimensions
Co-Researchers: Heloise Gibb, Nate Sanders, Tom Bishop and Kate Parr
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
Period: 2021-2024

Restoring diverse native vegetation using drone-based precision seeding
Co-Researchers: Rachael Gallagher, Sascha Tetu, Vanessa Adams, Marko Rossetto, Cathy Offord, Peter Cuneo and Andrew Walker
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Linkage
Period: 2021-2023

AusTraits: a national database on the traits of Australia’s complete flora
Co-Researchers: Daniel Falster, Rachael Gallagher, Herve Sauquet and Belinda Medlyn
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Data Commons
Period: 2021-2023

ARC Centre of Excellence for Plant Success in Nature and Agriculture
Co-Researchers: Christine Beveridge, Mark Cooper, Tim Brodribb, Peter Waterhouse, John Bowman, Kevin Burrage, Dianne Donovan, Eloise Foo, David Jordan, Graeme Hammer, Robert Henry, Barbara Holland, Daniel Ortiz-Barrientos, Brad Sherman and Jim Weller
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence
Period: 2020-2027

Using Australia’s Rangeland Grasses to Understand the Evolution of Functional Traits
Co-Researchers: Brian Atwell, Jacob Bragg, Rachael Burton and Martha Ludwig
Partner/Funding Body: Bio Platforms Australia
Period: 2020-2024

Optimal photosynthetic traits on ecological time-scales
Co-Researcher: Colin Prentice
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
Period: 2017-2019

Scaling functional traits to whole-plant growth
Co-Researchers: Lucas Cernusak, Caroline Lehmann and Ross Peacock
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
Period: 2012-2015

Next-generation vegetation model based on functional traits
Co-Researcher: Colin Prentice
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery
Period: 2012-2014

Predicting biome-level vegetation responses to future global change: Implications for future flood risk
Co-Researchers: Jennifer McElwain, Robert Spicer, Raphael Caballero and Trish Lawson
Partner/Funding Body: SFI (Ireland)
Period: 2012-2016

Towards a trait-based plant ecology: new directions in leaf economics research
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Future Fellowship
Period: 2011-2015

ARC-NZ Research Network for Vegetation Function
Co-Researcher: Mark Westoby
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Research Networks
Period: 2005-2010

Leaf economics, and the acquisition and use of water and nitrogen for photosynthesis
Partner/Funding Body: Australian Research Council Discovery Research Fellowship
Period: 2005-2008


Scholarly book chapters

Onoda Y, Wright IJ (2018). The Leaf Economics Spectrum and its Underlying Physiological and Anatomical Principles. In: Adams WW, Terashima I (eds) The Leaf: A Platform for Performing Photosynthesis. Springer International Publishing. pp 451-471.

Leishman MR, Wright IJ, Moles AT & Westoby M. (2000). The evolutionary ecology of seed size. In Seeds - the ecology of regeneration in plant communities, 2nd edition (ed M. Fenner), pp 31-57. CAB International, Wallingford, U.K.

Westoby M, Cunningham S, Fonseca C, Overton J & Wright IJ (1998). Phylogeny and variation in light capture area deployed per unit investment in leaves: designs for selecting study species with a view to generalizing. In Variation in Growth Rate and Productivity of Higher Plants (eds H. Lambers, H. Poorter and M.M.I. Van Vuren), pp 539-566. Backhuys Publishers, Leiden, The Netherlands.

Refereed journal articles

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