Doctor Jonathan Plett

Dr Jonathan PlettI joined the team at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment in October 2012. I hold a Ph.D. in biology from Queen's University in plant developmental biology where I specialized in the molecular dissection of hormone signaling pathways.

In January of 2009 I began my post doctoral research at L'Institut National de la Recherche Agronomique (INRA), France, where I worked on functionally characterizing small secreted protein signals that coordinate symbiosis between plants and soil-borne mutualistic fungi – an interaction that is essential for the continued health and productivity of forests.

Presently I am undertaking a project with the aim to better understand the role of small proteins secreted of the mutualistic fungus Pisolithus in mediating the establishment of symbiosis with Ecalyptus tree species. Further I wish to understand how environmental extremes such as heat and elevated levels of CO2 affect the interaction between Pisolithus and Eucalyptus with the aim to identifying what mechanisms both organisms employ to mitigate the negative effects of abiotic.

All living organisms depend on communication and perception in order to survive. Perception of signals such as heat, humidity and nutrient availability allow for response to abiotic stimuli, while communication with other organisms, whether consciously or passively given or received, allows for reaction to the ecosystem in which they are found.

How these different stimuli are interpreted and acted upon aids an organism in finding food and shelter, avoiding predators and defending against a variety of pathogens. As humans we pride ourselves on the interconnectivity of our species and the advancements that this has allowed us in our specific niche.

Within the plant world, too, success of an individual or species within an ecosystem has depended in large part on transcending simple dependence on self and involves a very complex interplay in communication and symbiosis with other plants, animals, fungi and bacteria.

The broad aim of my research is to identify and understand how signals are sent and perceived by plants and their associated microbiota to coordinate development and enable this ecosystem to survive under less than ideal conditions.

Areas of Research/Teaching Expertise

Young SproutMy areas of teaching specialty include genetics, molecular and cellular biology (plant, animal and fungal), plant physiology and development, plant signal transduction, plant:microbe interactions as well as fungal proteomics. Past courses that I have taught include genetics, general biology and biological diversity.


  • Thomas Davies Research Grant for Marine, Soil and Plant Biology - Australian Academy of Science - 2014
  • Australian Research Council Discovery Early Career Researcher Award - 2014
  • Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry - GRDC Young Scientist Award - 2014

Selected Publications

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Book Chapters

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Selected Conference Presentations

Plett JM, Kemppainen M, Kale S, Kohler A, Legué V, Brun A, Tyler B, Pardo A, Martin F, (2011) 'Blurred Boundaries: Symbiosis and the Tools of Control', Foliar to Root-Interacting Pathogens and Symbionts Meeting (Invited Speaker), Gottingen, Germany

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