Honorary and Adjunct Appointments

Honorary adjunct appointments benefit the University by increasing cooperation and activities between the University and leaders and members of academia, professions, business, industry, community, and the public sector, within Australia and overseas.

We value the contribution that recognised academic experts are able to provide to the Institute's research and research training programs.


Dr Michael Bange has been involved in cotton physiology research at CSIRO for over 20 years. His research has significantly influenced understanding of cotton physiology.
Dr Mike Bange
Dr Hamish Clarke is currently working with Dr Matthias Boer (HIE) and Prof. Ross Bradstock (University of Wollongong) on a BNHCRC funded project that examines the effectiveness of prescribed burning in reducing a range of risks across southern Australia.
Hamish Clarke
Professor Emeritus Jann Conroy continues to make a valuable contribution to the Institute. Her research has focused on understanding how climate change will influence the trade-off between growth and water use of fast- and slow- growing eucalypts.
Jann Conroy
Dr Steven Douglas is a Visiting Fellow with the Institute. He has worked in plant ecology and conservation management for over 20 years, with employment at all levels of government and as a consultant. He has specialised in rare and threatened plant species, populations and ecological communities, and has successfully nominated many additions or amendments to the status of threatened biota under NSW and Commonwealth laws.
Steven Douglas
Dr Paul Milham is an Adjunct Fellow with the Institute and School of Science and Health. Paul uses strong research skills in chemistry to investigate key soil processes that underpin interactions between soil, plants, and the environment.
Paul Milham