Admin and Technical Staff

The administration and technical staff are professionals who take pride in the skills and expertise they bring to achieve the seamless operation of the research and research training programs of the Institute. Administration staff provide accurate advice on financial, governance and policy matters, while technical staff provide expert knowledge across a range of complex facilities and discipline areas.


Mr Burhan Amiji is the Senior Technical Officer responsible for the smooth operation of the Hawkesbury Forest Experiment site - specifically the whole tree chamber installation within the Institute.
Burhan Amiji
Dr Jessica Armstrong-Kearns is the Senior Administration Officer (Projects), Office of the Director and is responsible for project coordination, monitoring and administrative support across a broad portfolio of external research projects.
Dr Craig Barton is the Technical Manager, Field Based Research Facilities and has responsibility for the smooth operation of the Institute’s field-based climate change facilities. These facilities include CO2 /climate controlled whole tree chambers (WTC) and associated eucalypt plantation (Hawkesbury Forest Experiment, HFE), a Free Air CO2 Enrichment (FACE) experiment in native woodland, Rain-out Shelters and an Eddy Covariance Flux site.
Dr Craig Barton
Dr Gerard Devine is the Institute’s Data Manager. He is responsible for ensuring that the large amounts of data being generated by HIE activities is managed in an efficient and responsible manner.
Dr Gerry Devine
Dr Andrew Gherlenda is the Senior Technical Officer responsible for the operation of the campus based, climate controlled growth facilities at the Institute.
Andrew Gherlenda
Corinne Jackson is the Senior Administration Officer for the Global Centre for Land-Based Innovation. She is responsible for providing administrative support to the Centre Director on matters relating to the operational running of the Centre.
Holding Image - Female
Dr Jasmine Grinyer is Senior Research Officer (Rural Industries) and provides research support for projects aimed at solving problems identified by industry partners, particularly in the area of soil biology within the Institute.
Jasmine Grinyer
Dr David Harland is the Institute Manager and is responsible for providing support to the Director and Director of Research by managing the Institute’s financial, physical and human resources.
David Harland
Mrs Jenny Harvey is the Institute Administration Officer, Office of the Director and is responsible for providing effective and efficient administrative support to the Institute Manager and Director.
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Mrs Patricia Hellier is a Senior Administration Officer, Office of the Director and is responsible for administrative issues within the Institute, particularly with relation to the administration of the Institute’s research and research training.
Patricia Hellier
Dr Marcus Klein is a Senior Technical Officer responsible for the technical support of research projects requiring molecular techniques and technologies within the Institute.
Marcus Klein
Dr Vinod Kumar is responsible for co-ordination, documentation, and delivery of expert scientific, technical and problem solving services, associated with all aspects of field experiments, to the Institute’s academic staff, students and visiting researchers. In particular, Vinod works closely with the Institute’s senior academics and other technical staff to ensure the smooth operation of the EucFACE facilities.
Vinod Kumar
Dr Pushpinder Matta is the technical officer responsible for laboratory based soil, plant and other biological analytical techniques and instrumentation within the Institute.
Simmy Matta
Gavin McKenzie is the Technical Manager, Laboratory and Controlled Environments responsible for the smooth operation of the laboratories, controlled-environment glasshouses, and environmental growth chambers and associated equipment within the Institute.
Gavin McKenzie
Craig is the Senior Engineering Technician (FACE) overseeing the eucalypt forest free air carbon dioxide enrichment (EucFACE) facility and provides specialised technical support to achieve the objectives of research within the context of FACE and the research site.
Craig McNamara
Dr Nisha Rakhesh is the Research Development Advisor within the Institute.
Nisha Rakhesh
Renee Smith is the Senior Technical Officer (Physiological Plant Ecology) responsible for the operations of the SIEF funded project ‘Forests for the Future’, and provides support for a research group led by Professor Tissue within the Institute.
Renee Smith