Doctor Yolima Carrillo

KEYWORDS: soil carbon, nutrient cycling, rhizosphere processes, elevated CO2, drought, soil organic matter

Doctor Yolima Carrillo is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute. Her research focuses on the cycles of carbon and nutrients in terrestrial ecosystems, both natural and agricultural. She is interested in the mechanisms by which these cycles are affected by environmental change and management. She studies belowground biogeochemical processes and how they are shaped by plants, plant roots and soil biotic communities.

Biographical details

Prior to joining HIE she worked as a Teaching and Research Fellow at the Department of Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Agriculture of the University of Sydney, which she joined after doing post-doctoral work at the University of Wyoming (USA). She obtained a PhD in Ecology at the University of Georgia (USA) where she also obtained a graduate certificate in Conservation Ecology. Dr Carrillo completed her undergraduate studies at the National University of Colombia

Research interests

Dr Carrillo combines field and laboratory experiments to answer questions at the ecosystem level at the plant-soil-microbe interface. As tools for her research she has used a variety of applications of stable isotope tracers of carbon, nitrogen and oxygen, microbial and whole soil community assessments as well as various chemical approaches to the analyses of pools an fluxes of carbon, nitrogen and other nutrients in plants, soil, soil microbes and the atmosphere.

Her current areas of interest include:

  • Rhizosphere mediation of soil organic matter dynamics, including decomposition and formation, as affected by climate change factors (including elevated CO2, warming and water stress)
  • Mechanisms of impact of water stress and water availability on carbon cycling, stoichiometric relations and microbial communities in soil and potential feedbacks to climate
  • Mediation by plant roots on plant water use and plant and microbes nitrogen uptake via impacts on the soil physical environment
  • Role of mycorrhizal symbionts on soil organic matter dynamics
  • Response of biogeochemical processes and microbial communities to ecosystem restoration


She co-founded and also co-leads the Stable Isotope in Biosphere Systems, a multi-institutional intensive  8-day annual workshop directed at researchers of all levels seeking to enhance or bring stable isotope techniques to their work. (opens in a new window) (opens in a new window)

Her teaching at Western Sydney University involves contributions to various units: Climate Change Science, Ecosystem Carbon Accounting, Ecosystems in a Changing World and Botany

Grants/Current projects

Will trees get enough nitrogen to sustain productivity in elevated CO2? Australian Research Council Discovery project.  In collaboration David Ellsworth, Oula Ghannoum (HIE, Western Sydney University) and Dr. Sönke Zaehle (Max Plank Institute for Biogeochemistry). The research utilises the Eucalypt Free Air CO2 Enrichment experiment (EucFACE), the world's only Free Air CO2 Enrichment experiment in native forest and in mature forest.

Pastures and Climate Extremes. Western Sydney University, Meat and Livestock Australia and Dairy Australia.  The research used the PACE facility which manipulates climate to simulate extreme climate conditions, including heatwaves, droughts and changes in rainfall regimes in pasture systems.

Biogeochemical mismatches: decoupling of carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus cycles during drought. Australian Research Council project. In collaboration with Uffe Nielsen, Thomas Jeffries (Western Sydney University), Feike Dijkstra (University of Sydney), Osvaldo Sala (Arizona State University)

Future nutrient limitations across terrestrial ecosystems: a dual look at nitrogen and phosphorus. The Swedish Research Council, Formas, Sweden. In collaboration with Louise Andresen, Tobias Rütting (University of Gothenburg), Klaus Jarosch (University of Bern)

Searching for meaningful belowground indicators of ecosystem threatened ecosystem restoration and rehabilitation of degraded land. In collaboration with Bryony Horton, Ian Oliver, Office of Environment and Heritage, New South Wales

Drought and fertility effects on plant/microbe N:P stoichiometry and root morphology and feedbacks to climate change (In collaboration with Dr. David Tissue, Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment and Dr. Feike Dijkstra, University of Sydney)

The role of plant root activity in shaping the fate of water and nitrogen and their availability to plants via its impact on soil structure. In collaboration with Asoc. Prof. Margaret Barbour and Asoc. Prof. Feike Dijkstra, University of Sydney and Assist. Prof. Kevin Simonin, San Francisco State University.

Selected publications

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