School Based Researchers

Complementary research capacity from across the University

Researchers based within Western Sydney University Schools support and enhance the Institute's ability to engage with industry, support complementary research efforts and to secure additional research expertise.

Brett M. Bennett is a Senior Lecturer in Modern History at the Institute of Culture and Society (ICS) at Western Sydney University. He is also a Senior Research Association at the University of Johannesburg and a former Australian Research Council Postdoctoral Fellow (2011-2013). His research uses historical methods to investigate how the interaction of human actions and natural processes created contemporary ecosystems, scientific ideas, and conservation policies.
Dr Brett Bennett with trees in the background.
Dr Zhonghua Chen is a Senior Lecturer and an ARC DECRA fellow at School of Science and Health. His research interests are in plant electrophysiology, plant biotechnology, stomatal biology, and abiotic stress tolerance in crops.
Dr Zhonghua Chen
Dr Clarissa House is a researcher in the biology of horned beetles and dung beetles in the School of Science and Health (SSH).
Dr Clarissa House
Professor John Hunt's research focuses on the evolution, sexual selection, nutrition, lifespan and ageing of insects including beetles, crickets and fruit flies in the School of Science and Health.
Professor John Hunt
Dr Chris Turbill is a Senior Lecturer in the Institute. His research interests centre on physiological ecology and metabolism and energy expenditure within the Plants, Animals & Interactions research theme.
Dr Chris Turbill
Dr Kate Umbers' research focuses on a variety of topics, usually (but not always) related to understanding the mechanisms, functions and evolution of biological colouration. In addition to her fascination with animal colouraiton she loves investigating research questions on animal behaviour, genetics, thermoregulation and mating systems.
Dr Kate Umbers