Associate Professor Oula Ghannoum

Oula GhannoumAssoc Professor Oula Ghannoum graduated with a BSc (Honours) in Plant Biochemistry (UNSW, 1993) and obtained her PhD in Plant Physiology (UWS, 1998). She has >15 years of research experience in plant physiology and biochemistry. In 2001, Oula was awarded the prestigious ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at RSBS, ANU, and in 2007, she was awarded an Independent Postdoctoral Fellowship to work at the Centre for Plant and Food Science (a precursor to HIE).

In 2010, Oula was appointed Senior Researcher at the Hawkesbury Institute for the Environment (HIE). Her current position includes the following academic and leadership roles

  • Unit coordinator/Lecturer (Plant Physiology, 300865, 2nd year undergraduate unit)
  • Supervisor and co-supervisor of PhD and Honours students
  • Deputy theme leader 'Animals, Plants and Interactions', HIE
  • Member of Teaching committee, HIE
  • Associate Editor, Functional Plant Biology, CSIRO Publishing
  • UWS Node/Deputy Programme leader, ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis ( (opens in a new window)
Dr Ghannoum within the Lab
Dr Ghannoum outside a WTC

Oula contributes to advancing photosynthesis research in two main areas: the environmental and molecular regulation of C4 photosynthesis and the response of C3 and C4 plants to climate change.

Currently, her research focusses on the links between Rubisco catalysis, the CO2 concentrating mechanism and resource use efficiency in C4 plants. This research is conducted in collaboration with colleagues at ANU and CSIRO-PI and has significant translational potential for crop improvement and management of Australia's fragile rangelands.

A/Professor Ghannoum collaborates with Australian and Chinese breeders in large-scale crop improvement projects for dry environments (sugarcane, sorghum) and eCO2 futures (wheat).

Together with researchers at Western Sydney University, Oula is working on elucidating leaf-level processes which underlie the growth and water use responses of eucalypts to environmental change, in addition to their implications on understorey dynamics and fire regimes in water- and nutrient-limited Australian woodlands.

Areas of Research / Teaching Expertise

C4 photosynthesis
Global change biology
Unit Coordinator for Plant Physiology (300865)

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Awards and Recognition

2001-2003: Australian Postdoctoral Fellowship, ARC, $185,766
1998: Christine Wieneke New Researcher Award, UWS, $3,000
1998:  Visiting Fellowship, Japanese Science and Technology, $8,000

Grants / Current Projects

External Funding:

  • 2014 – 2020: ARC Centre of Excellence, $2M from ARC and 0.7M from UWS (total CE funding $22M) - CE140100015
    ARC Centre of Excellence for Translational Photosynthesis.
    Investigators: M Badger; S von Caemmerer; John Evans; G Farquhar; G Price; S Whitney; G Hammer; D Jordan; M Chen; O Ghannoum; R Furbank; W Quick
  • 2014 – 2016: ARC Discovery, $315,000 - DP140103415
    Is physiological flexibility of forest trees constrained by home climate in a rapidly warming world?
    Investigators: MG Tjoelker, O Ghannoum, J Drake, DT Tissue, PB Reich
  • Crop traits for productivity in a high carbon dioxide world under drought and heat [via University of Melbourne]
    2013-2016: DAFF via ACRG
    Investigators: M Tausz, S Tausz-Posch, O Ghannoum, R Duursma, G Fitzgerald, R Armstrong, G O'Leary, J Nuttall,
  • Rubisco for all climates: unlocking the enzyme's structure-function relations for more efficient photosynthesis.
    2012 – 2014: ARC Discovery, $310,000
    Investigators: SM Whitney, O Ghannoum
  • Impacts of climate change on nitrogen uptake by eucalypt seedlings.
    2010: Australian Institute of Nuclear Science & Engineering-AINSE Research Award, $6,108
    Investigators: O. Ghannoum, P. Milham
  • Causes and consequences of the differences in leaf biochemistry and structure between NAD-ME and NADP-ME C4 grasses (completed).
    2001 – 2003: ARC Postdoctoral Fellowship, $185,766
    APD Fellow: O Ghannoum

Internal Funding:

  • A Phytotron for Multitrophic Interactions on Plant Production Systems.
    2009: UWS Research Infrastructure Fund, $300,000
    Investigators: M. Riegler, O. Ghannoum, and B. Bellotti
  • Using metabolomics to study the response of Australia's tropical grasses to phosphorus deficiency (completed).
    2005: UWS International Research Initiative Scheme, $17,382
    Investigators: O Ghannoum, JP Conroy and MJ Paul
  • Using transcriptomics to compare the effects of phosphorus deficiency on the model plants arabidopsis and maize (completed).
    2005: UWS Internal Research Grant Scheme, $23,500
    Investigators: V Higgins and O Ghannoum
  • Proteomics of the bundle sheath and mesophyll thylakoid membrane in maize (completed).
    2004: UWS Research Seed Grant Scheme, $7,500
    Investigator: O Ghannoum
  • Relating carbon and nitrogen metabolism regulation to osmolyte accumulation in C4 grasses under water stress (completed).
    1998: UWS Internal Research Grant Scheme, $12,000
    Investigator: O Ghannoum
  • Response of C3 and C4Panicum grasses to CO2 enrichment (completed).
    1995 – 1996: ANU Collaborative Research Scholarship, $14,000
    PhD candidate: O Ghannoum

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Student supervision and research projects

Research opportunities:

Following the depletion of CO2 concentration ([CO2]) in the atmosphere 30 million years ago, the efficiency of C3 photosynthesis was reduced in arid and hot environments, due to increased photorespiration which leads to loss of energy and carbon fixed.

C4 photosynthesis has evolved to overcome the limitations of ancestral C3 photosynthetic pathway by operating a CO2 concentration mechanism which raises CO2 at the site of Rubisco and suppresses photorespiration in air. C4 plants are more productive and resource use efficient than the more prevalent C3 plants. At present, C4 plants constitute 3% of the world's species and C4-dominated grasslands contribute up to 20% of global primary productivity. About 50% of C4 species are grasses with 15 distinct evolutionary origins distributed over 370 genera and 4600 species. Further, C4 plants are divided into three biochemical subtypes following the major C4 acid decarboxylase in the bundle sheath cells: NAD malic enzyme (NAD-ME), NADP-ME and PEP carboxykinase (PCK).

PhD and Honours research projects are available for eligible and motivated students to work with Dr Ghannoum on the diversity and regulation of CO2 concentrating mechanisms in C4 plants. Projects investigating the environmental and molecular regulation of the C3, C4 and C3-C4 photosynthetic pathways are also available. The projects are addressed using a combination of gas exchange-stable isotope, biochemical and/or molecular tools. Interested students are encouraged to contact Dr Ghannoum directly to discuss their suitability and the project details.

Research students:

  • Sachin Chavan (PhD candidate, 2014-ongoing): Crop traits for productivity in a high CO2 world under drought and heat Supervisory panel: Ghannoum and Duursma.
  • Varsha Pathare (PhD candidate, 2014-ongoing): Communities of the future: How will eCO2 and altered water availability affect woodland understorey plant species? Supervisory panel: Ellsworth and Ghannoum.
  • Balasaheb Sonawane (PhD candidate, 2013-ongoing): Environmental and molecular factors controlling the efficiency of the CO2 concentrating mechanism in C4 grasses. Supervisory panel: Ghannoum, Sharwood and Whitney.
  • Harshini Pinto (PhD candidate, 2011-2014): Resource use efficiency of C4 grasses with different evolutionary origins. Supervisory panel: Ghannoum, Tissue, Sharwood and Conroy.
  • Josephine Ontedhu (PhD candidate, 2010-2014): Interaction of phosphorus nutrition with eucalypt responses to elevated [CO2] and temperature. Supervisory panel: Tissue, Ghannoum and Milhamonours Supervision

Honours Students

  • Simon Reeves (Honours candidate, completed 2013): Contrasting the effect of climate warming on the photosynthesis of Eucalyptus provenances. Supervisory panel: Sharwood and Ghannoum.
  • Anthony Newton (Honours candidate, completed 2012): Investigating the molecular plasticity of C4 photosynthesis. Supervisory panel: Sharwood and Ghannoum.
  • Gyro Sherwin (Honours candidate, completed 2011): Impact of industrial-age climate change on nitrogen uptake and partitioning in Eucalyptus. Supervisory panel: Ghannoum, George, Kannangara, Tissue
  • Harshini Pinto (Honours candidate, completed 2010): Resource use efficiency of C4 grasses with different evolutionary origins. Supervisory panel: Tissue and Ghannoum

Selected Publications

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Book Chapters

Ghannoum O, von Caemmerer S, Taylor N, Millar AH (2013). CO2 assimilation and respiration in "Plants in Action". 2nd edition: (opens in a new window). (Eds. R Munns, S Schmidt, C Beveridge). Australian Society of Plant Scientists.

Ghannoum O, Evans JR, von Caemmerer S, (2011) Nitrogen and water use efficiency of C4 plants, in C4 Photosynthesis and Related CO2 Concentrating Mechanisms, Advances in Photosynthesis and Respiration series, pp 129 - 146 (Eds) Raghavendra AS, Sage RF, Springer, Berlin

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Journal Articles

Chavan SG, Maier C, Alagoz Y, Filipe JC, Warren CR, Lin H, Jia BH, Loik ME, Cazzonelli CI, Chen ZHH, Ghannoum O, Tissue DT, (2020) 'Light-limited photosynthesis under energy-saving film decreases eggplant yield', Food and Energy Security, Article no.e245

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Conference Proceedings

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