School of Business

Marketing, International Business and Sports Management

Director of Academic Program | Dr Daniela Spanjaard
Discipline Lead | Professor Suzan Burton

There is a significant shift for Australia towards a service based economy, and Western Marketing, International Business and Sport Management is rising to this challenge by integrating industry best practice with theoretical knowledge for the next generation of global leaders.. At Western Sydney University, our programs focus on practical experiences, promoting student interaction with industry, business driven research projects, internships and international study experiences.

During their degree, students have the opportunity to work alongside national sporting organisations, with commercial marketing teams, or interact with regional small and medium-sized enterprises to gain meaningful insights into the challenges facing today’s businesses. Our academics have been internationally accredited for the quality of their teaching and have built relationships with key stakeholders to partner in impactful research across a range of industries, including sport and hospitality venues, consumer goods, and health promotion organisations. The latter of which has been recognised as High Impact (Impact and Engagement assessment, 2018).

Academics for this Discipline