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International Sibling

What is the International Sibling Discount?

The International Sibling Discount is available to students who have a sibling who is studying or has studied at Western Sydney University. The 10% Discount on international tuition fees is applied at enrolment each semester and is available for all degree programs.


  • Enrolled international students on student visas, or on temporary visas with proven and immediate family sibling relationship.
  • Sibling relationship defined as either brother or sister, either as past student or current student.
  • Discount applies only to the second sibling, not the first.
  • First sibling is defined as first enrolled student or graduate sibling.
  • Siblings are not required to study concurrently.
  • Discount is applied to the current enrolled semester and future enrolled semesters, once approved.
  • Discount cannot be post-dated to previous semesters, regardless of eligibility.
  • Discount cannot be applied if the student has been awarded another scholarship by the University or another organisation that covers the cost of the tuition fees (fully or partially) to study at Western Sydney University.

Conditions of the Sibling Discount

The approved sibling discount holder must:

  1. maintain a valid student visa or temporary resident visa;
  2. pay the required international tuition fees and administrative charges less the 10% discount each semester (the University will credit the 10% directly to the student's university account).  
    *Please note for the initial payment for offer acceptance, we will still charge the full fee for one semester or one quarter, then the 10% discounted amount overpaid will be credited back to student after enrolment.
  3. achieve at least a pass grade in all enrolled subjects each semester;
  4. accept that the discount is not transferrable for cash, nor refundable, and cannot be transferred to a non-sibling.

Application and Assessment Process

Students wishing to apply for a sibling discount of 10% must:

  1. Submit a written application to International Admissions before the commencement of the semester with supporting evidence of the sibling relationship. Note: applications will not be considered for previous semesters of study.

  2. Supporting evidence includes
  • a certified copy of the birth certificate for both siblings,
  • a certified copy of the passport for both siblings,
  • a declaration of the sibling relationship from a solicitor, attorney or notary public, who attests to the truth of the sibling relationship
  • other evidence deemed necessary by the Manager, International Admissions.

The Manager, International Admissions will be responsible for assessing the eligibility and the validity of the sibling relationship.

If the sibling relationship is approved, the Manager International Admissions will advise the student in writing, including the date of commencement of the discount, and the conditions of the sibling discount as indicated above.

A sibling Fee Category will be applied to the student record.

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