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Service providers

This is just a short list to get you started, Western does not endorse any of these companies or recommend these over anything else you find.

Mobile phones, plans and pre-paid

Whether you're looking for a phone device, a phone plan or pre-paid account, you can visit the stores of service providers and depending your needs, stores selling electronic goods might be able to help too.

Service providers:

Where phone devices can be purchased:

Living off campus


The water you use every day in Sydney is water you can trust – and Sydney Water can prove it. Sydney Water rigorously tests and monitors the water they source as it makes its way to you from rivers, lakes and dams to reservoirs and filtration plants, all the way to your tap. The result is some of the best drinking water in the world.

Energy (Electricity and Gas)

Compare and save on energy from Australia's biggest energy retailers.

Service providers:

Internet and Home Phone

Most homes in Australia are set up and can be connected to the internet via the NBN, and internet is provided by a variety of telecommunication companies. Adding home phone is an optional extra to most plans.

Service providers:

Note on internet speed: The internet speed is dependant on the plan you are paying for and the nbn technology type limitations set up at the address (so it’s good idea to do your research and check the address before applying for a lease or buying a plan). Internet providers shouldn’t by law sell you a plan that exceeds your technology limitations.

Know your rights

Fair Trading and Consumer Rights

NSW Fair Trading is part of the Department of Customer Service whose role is to make doing business in NSW simple, accessible and fair for employees, consumers and industry while providing the best value for government.

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