International Student Arrival

International Student Arrival

Welcome back. We missed you!

Message from the Vice Chancellor

Vice Chancellor and President, Professor Barney Glover AO welcomes International students back to Western Sydney University. 

Important Notice: Scam warning

Message from: Australian Department of Home Affairs

We are aware of online messages claiming that people travelling to Australia from 16 December need to complete a Digital Passenger Declaration and pay a fee. This information is false.

THE FACTS: To support Covid-safe travel to Australia, the Australian Government collects critical health information from travellers through the Australia Travel Declaration. The Australian Government is developing a Digital Passenger Declaration that will replace the Australia Travel Declaration.

Travellers do no need to pay a fee to complete the Australia Travel Declaration, and there will be no fee for the Digital passenger Declaration.

Don't be fooled by cyber criminals. Protect yourself from the government impersonation scams by checking that the URL of any Australian Government website you acess contains ''. For the facts about the Australia Travel Declaration, click here

Personalised Support

Your Western Success Advisor is here to help you transition back to life on campus in Australia. We will guide you in all aspects of university life so that your journey back to Western is enjoyable. We will be in touch with you! You can also keep in touch with us via phone or WhatsApp on +61 2 9852 5155 or via email.

If you are returning to Australia via the NSW International Student Arrivals Pilot Plan on 6 December 2021, 24 December 2021 and 9 January 2022, and you have enquiries related to your specific travel arrangement, for example, flight bookings, tickets, travel exemptions or declarations, please direct your enquiry to FCM Travel at or call
+61 1 7922 2159. Find more information on this FAQ  page.

There are times when it’s difficult to talk about certain things with family, or even friends – but what’s important for you and your mental health is that you talk to someone. Talk Campus is a 24/7 peer to peer mental health app. You can also talk to someone in your own language if you prefer.  Download the app now and start connecting. 

Returning International Students Checklist

For comprehensive student checklists to help with your return to Australia, click the button below to find out more information. These pages include resourceful websites to plan your return and also to provide International travel restrictions updates. 

5 Ways to Wellbeing

‘5 Ways to Wellbeing’ introduces you to five simple and effective ways to improve your psychological and emotional health that are based on extensive international research.

A healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body for your overall wellbeing. Like physical fitness, you can strengthen your psychological health in lots of small day-to-day ways. This will help you live a happier and a longer life as well as help you to cope with stress.

Support Services

If you’d like information or advice on the community, government and student health wellbeing support available we are here to assist you. 

Click the button below to find detailed information about returning to campus, student arrival plans, re-enrolment and registration, CoE and Visa information, student ID cards, COVID-19, mental health, work rights, tenancy/housing, legal advice, Sydney City campus, international education, safety, family and children and health and wellbeing. 


Accommodation Assistance

If you’d like advice or need to talk to someone about accommodation in Sydney, we are here to assist you. Please email us at and the Accommodation Support Officer will contact you directly. Campus Living Villages are offering our returning students the opportunity to live on campus with special discounted accommodation options. Visit Parramatta Village or Other Campus Villages for more information.
student life

Get Involved in Student Life

Reconnect with our dynamic, thriving and culturally rich community over Summer! There is a diverse range of events including both online and face-to-face events; cinema under the stars, online bingo, beach trip, go to the zoo, online craft afternoon or yoga just to name a few! We will also be hosting ‘Welcome Back’ morning/afternoon teas on campus. All these events and many more are found on the WesternLife, so get involved, be active, and build your connection with your peers.

Community Events During the Holiday Period

Whether it’s your first time in Australia or you’ve been away for a while, it is time to start connecting with the community.Taking part in the community events may help you with adjusting to a new environment and cultural transition.
With all that Sydney has on offer, you will find so much to Immerse yourself in!

New to Australia

We have great resources to help you prepare for your upcoming adventure.

Don’t forget your Western Success Advisor will be with you along the journey, so you are not alone!

Get Job Ready

Not sure how to kickstart your career once you arrive in Sydney? We’ve got your back. Check out the following links to access a wide range of careers resources that will help strengthen your employability by addressing the following 5 key focus areas:

  • Creating impressive resumes & cover letters
  • Selection criteria
  • Interviews
  • Upskilling
  • Networking

Seeking Work in Australia

Please note, due to current economic conditions and the unpredictable nature of the employment market in Australia as a result of COVID19, finding work in Australia may be difficult and you may not be able to relay on gaining part-time work to supplement your tuition and living costs in Australia.

21 December 2021 – 3 January 2022

Please be aware that the Western Sydney University will be closed from Tuesday 21st December 2021 and will reopen on Tuesday 4th January 2022.

If you have been tested positive for COVID19 or asked to self-isolate after being tested, please inform Coronavirus Support Hotline on +61 (0)2 9852 5399 or
email In emergency, call 000 for ambulance, police and fire. For non-emergencies, call the Police Assistance Line on 131 444. If you are on campus and have concerns for your personal safety, please contact Campus Safety & Security on 1300 737 003.