Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions and information about how to receive a HSC True Reward Early Offer to study at Western in 2022.

Future Applicants

HSC True Reward is Western’s early offer program for domestic and international NSW HSC students finishing their NSW HSC in 2021. The program offers you a place at Western before you receive your ATAR. This unique program recognises that you are much more than your ATAR. True Reward focuses on the scores that reflect your strong points and areas of interest.

Applications are open to domestic and international NSW HSC students completing their NSW HSC in 2021. The program is only applicable to Western Sydney University undergraduate degrees or pathway programs offered through The College.

Depending on the undergraduate degree you choose, you need to achieve a minimum result or subject band in the specified Year 11 or Year 12 subjects. In addition, you are also required to make a free, direct application to Western Sydney University.

No – a condition for receiving a True Reward offer includes completing and being awarded the HSC.

Applicants are only required to complete their HSC, they do not need to receive an ATAR.

Students undertaking the International Baccalaureate (IB) are not currently eligible for HSC True Rewards. However, IB students who are Australian or New Zealand citizens or Australian permanent residents are eligible to receive offers through the: Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS). IB students may receive subject and regional bonus points.

We determine the HSC subjects that match the university degree based on the performance of previous students. For each degree, we look at past students who did well and what HSC subjects they studied – as well as their band outcome.

We will send you an offer to the email address you originally used to apply through the Western Application Portal. The email will provide you with details on how to secure your offer. You’ll also receive an SMS, to the mobile phone number you originally used to apply for the degree, informing you of the offer. Offers will go out in August, September, November and December. For more information on offer round dates and when to apply please visit the HSC True Reward page

In a year 11 offer round applications will be assessed based on whether the student meets the required NESA subject grade for the degree they are applying for. If the applicant meets this requirement and they applied for the degree in time they will receive an offer on the condition that they get their HSC.

In a year 12 offer round applications will be assessed based on whether the student meets the required subject band in the HSC for the degree they are applying for. If the applicant meets this requirement and they applied for the degree in time they will receive a guaranteed offer.

There are more than one offer rounds and you must submit your application or amend your preference before the closing date of each offer round. You can find out more information on when those closing dates are here.

When you receive your offer, visit How to Defer for instructions on how to request deferment. Once you have deferred, you will receive confirmation of your deferment to your registered email address.

Note: If you receive a conditional offer, you will need to meet these conditions before you are eligible to defer. 

Yes, you can change your preferences on your HSC True Reward application. Please keep in mind application closing dates and offer round dates when making changes to your application.

Yes, you can still apply for HSC True Reward even if you have applied for any of our other early offer programs or alternative entry schemes. For more information about other early offer schemes, visit Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) or visit Application Pathways for more information about our alternative entry schemes.

Your application for HSC True Reward is a direct application to Western Sydney University. You can still apply through UAC for degrees that are not available through HSC True Reward, including degrees at Western Sydney University and other universities.

You will receive a confirmation email from Western once you’ve submitted your application. You can log back in to check your application and preferences at any time.

No, you receive one offer per round. However, you can change your preference after each offer round is released to be eligible for an offer to other degrees.

Yes, you can receive an offer based on your subject results from both year 11 and year 12.

For the August, September and November rounds you will need to meet the year 11 subject band criteria. For the December round you will need to meet the Year 12 subject band criteria.

HSC student numbers and 4 digit PINs come from the NSW Education Standards Authority (NESA) and are provided by your school. Contact your school if you are unsure or do not have a HSC student number. You will need your HSC student number to submit an application.

For your application to be considered, you have to select a minimum of one preference. If you are eligible to receive a True Reward offer, you will receive an offer to your highest eligible preference. 

Yes, you can have different UAC and HSC True Reward preferences. 

If you get more than one offer, you can choose which one to accept. Please take note of the deadlines to accept the offers you have received. Ensure you accept your preferred offer and enrol before the expiry date.

The following degrees are excluded from the 2022 True Reward program due to additional selection criteria and capped placements.

  • Bachelor of Architectural Design
  • Bachelor of Health Science (Paramedicine)
  • Bachelor of Occupational Therapy
  • Bachelor of Physiotherapy
  • Bachelor of Speech Pathology
  • Bachelor of Laws (Graduate Entry)
  • Doctor of Medicine
  • Bachelor of Midwifery
  • Bachelor of Nursing (Enrolled Nurse pathway)
  • Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5/Birth-12) Diploma pathway
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary)
  • Bachelor of Education (Primary) - Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education
  • Associate Degree in Engineering
  • University Foundation Studies (Health Science/ Nursing) - Accelerated
  • University Foundation Studies (Health Science/ Nursing) - Standard

Call us on 1300 897 669 or email We’re ready to help you with any questions you might have about HSC True Reward and what you need to do to apply.

Successful Applicants

Successful applicants will have until the 4th of April (census date for Autumn session 2022) to accept their offer.

Upon accepting your offer, you will need to complete the below steps: 

  • Choose your subjects using the Subject Selection Guide and enrol into each subject through MyStudentRecords (MySR). For more information regarding the steps required, visit How do I enrol?
  • Build your timetable by completing Tutorial Registration for Autumn session 2022. For more information about key dates around tutorial registration and steps required for this process, visit Tutorial Registration.
  • Attend Autumn 2022 Orientation. Orientation sessions and activities provide you with the opportunity to familiarise your home campus, find out more about your degree and meet fellow students and academic staff. You can also pick up a student diary and your student ID on the day. For more information about Orientation week, visit Orientation.
  • Create your Student ID card. For more information about the steps required for this process, visit Student ID cards.

To reverse your deferment, please email with your full name, date of birth and student ID number.

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