Schools Recommendation Scheme

Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) Early Offer 2019

The Schools Recommendation Scheme (SRS) helps Year 12 students who are UAC applicants, to gain access to higher education and receive an early offer using selection criteria other than the ATAR, including performance in Year 11 and school recommendations.

The scheme is available to current Year 12 students completing their Higher School Certificate (HSC) or International Baccalaureate (IB) in 2018.

SRS courses 2019

The following courses are available for the SRS for Western Sydney University. Please note, courses such as Medicine, Physiotherapy, Midwifery and Paramedicine have strict quotas so are not available for this scheme.

Courses available under the SRS

UAC code Course Title Campus
720510Bachelor of ArtsBankstown
720515Bachelor of ArtsParramatta
720518Bachelor of ArtsPenrith
720521Bachelor of Arts (Interpreting and Translation)Parramatta City
720527Bachelor of Language and LinguisticsBankstown
720600Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of BusinessBankstown
720605Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
720610Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social ScienceBankstown
720612Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social ScienceParramatta
720614Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Social SciencePenrith
720700Bachelor of CommunicationParramatta
720705Bachelor of CommunicationPenrith
720708Bachelor of CommunicationSydney City
720715Bachelor of Design (Visual Communication)Parramatta
720718Bachelor of Screen Media (Arts and Production)Parramatta
720720Bachelor of Music*Penrith
720728Bachelor of Creative Industries (Music)*Parramatta
720730Bachelor of Creative IndustriesParramatta
720731Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesParramatta
720732Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesParramatta
720733Bachelor of Design/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesParramatta
720734Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Creative IndustriesPenrith
721005Bachelor of BusinessBankstown
721006Bachelor of BusinessCampbelltown
721007Bachelor of BusinessParramatta City
721008Bachelor of BusinessSydney City
721010Bachelor of Business (Accounting)Bankstown
721011Bachelor of Business (Accounting)Campbelltown
721012Bachelor of Business (Accounting)Parramatta City
721013Bachelor of Business (Accounting)Sydney City
721016Bachelor of Business (Applied Finance)Parramatta City
721017Bachelor of Business (Applied Finance)Sydney City
721018Bachelor of Business (Economics)Parramatta City
721020Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)Parramatta City
721021Bachelor of Business (Hospitality Management)Sydney City
721024Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)Bankstown
721025Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)Campbelltown
721026Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)Parramatta City
721028Bachelor of Business (International Business)Parramatta City
721029Bachelor of Business (International Business)Sydney City
721035Bachelor of Business (Management)Bankstown
721036Bachelor of Business (Management)Campbelltown
721037Bachelor of Business (Management)Parramatta City
721038Bachelor of Business (Management)Sydney City
721039Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Sydney City
721040Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Bankstown
721041Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Campbelltown
721042Bachelor of Business (Marketing)Parramatta City
721043Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
721045Bachelor of Business (Property)Parramatta City
721050Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)Campbelltown
721052Bachelor of Business (Sport Management)Parramatta City
721070Bachelor of AccountingBankstown
721072Bachelor of AccountingCampbelltown
721074Bachelor of AccountingParramatta City
721077Bachelor of AccountingSydney City
722470Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)Parramatta
722472Bachelor of Entrepreneurship (Games Design and Simulation)Penrith
722494Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessBankstown
722495Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessCampbelltown
722496Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
722497Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)/Bachelor of BusinessPenrith
722498Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)Sydney City
722501Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)Penrith
722503Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)Penrith
722504Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Construction)Penrith
722505Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)Penrith
722507Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)Penrith
722509Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Robotics and Mechatronics)Penrith
722555Bachelor of Engineering (Honours)Parramatta
722556Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)Parramatta
722557Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Construction)Parramatta
722558Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)Parramatta
722559Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)Parramatta
722560Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Robotics and Mechatronics)Parramatta
722576Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Civil)Sydney City
722577Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Electrical)Sydney City
722578Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) (Mechanical)Sydney City
722510Bachelor of Engineering SciencePenrith
722513Bachelor of Engineering ScienceSydney City
722550Bachelor of Engineering ScienceParramatta
722514Bachelor of Building Design ManagementPenrith
722515Bachelor of Construction ManagementPenrith
722516Bachelor of Building Design ManagementParramatta
722517Bachelor of Construction ManagementParramatta
722519Bachelor of Construction TechnologyPenrith
722520Bachelor of Design and TechnologyParramatta
722530Bachelor of Industrial DesignParramatta
722535Bachelor of Industrial Design (Honours)Parramatta
723500Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation)Campbelltown
723504Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education)Penrith
723506Bachelor of Health Science (Sport and Exercise Science)Campbelltown
723514Bachelor of Health Science (Health Promotion, Health Services Management or Therapeutic Recreation)Sydney City
723567Bachelor of Sport DevelopmentParramatta
723570Bachelor of Traditional Chinese MedicineCampbelltown
724000Bachelor of Computer SciencePenrith
724008Bachelor of Information SystemsSydney City
724009Bachelor of Information SystemsParramatta
724012Bachelor of Information and Communications TechnologyCampbelltown
724016Bachelor of Information and Communications TechnologyParramatta
724020Bachelor of Information and Communications TechnologyPenrith
724022Bachelor of Information and Communications TechnologySydney City
724025Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)Campbelltown
724026Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)Parramatta
724027Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology (Health Information Management)Penrith
724100Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of ArtsParramatta
724105Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of BusinessBankstown
724110Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of BusinessCampbelltown
724115Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
724120Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of Business (Accounting)Campbelltown
724130Bachelor of Information and Communications Technology/Bachelor of Business (Accounting)Parramatta
724138Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of BusinessCampbelltown
724139Bachelor of Information Systems/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
724505Bachelor of International StudiesBankstown
724510Bachelor of International StudiesParramatta
724518Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of BusinessBankstown
724520Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
724522Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Social ScienceBankstown
724523Bachelor of International Studies/Bachelor of Social ScienceParramatta
724525Bachelor of Communication/Bachelor of International StudiesParramatta
727030Bachelor of CriminologyLiverpool
727033Bachelor of CriminologyPenrith
727040Bachelor of Criminal and Community JusticeLiverpool
727045Bachelor of Criminal and Community JusticePenrith
727047Bachelor of Criminal and Community Justice/Bachelor of Social WorkLiverpool
727052Bachelor of Cyber Security and BehaviourParramatta
727060Bachelor of PolicingLiverpool
727065Bachelor of PolicingPenrith
727600Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)Liverpool
727601Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)Parramatta
727605Bachelor of Social Science (Psychology)Penrith
727604Bachelor of AnthropologyPenrith
727607Bachelor of AnthropologyLiverpool
727608Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development StudiesParramatta
727626Bachelor of Humanitarian and Development StudiesPenrith
727610Bachelor of Social ScienceLiverpool
727615Bachelor of Social ScienceParramatta
727620Bachelor of Social SciencePenrith
727621Bachelor of Social ScienceSydney City
727628Bachelor of Planning/Master of Urban Management and PlanningParramatta
727630Bachelor of Planning/Master of Urban Management and PlanningPenrith
727700Bachelor of Social WorkLiverpool
727705Bachelor of Social WorkParramatta
727715Bachelor of Community WelfareLiverpool
727720Bachelor of Community WelfareParramatta
727750Bachelor of Tourism ManagementParramatta
728005Bachelor of Medical ScienceCampbelltown
728006Bachelor of Medical ScienceHawkesbury
728007Bachelor of Medical ScienceParramatta
728011Bachelor of Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice)Campbelltown
728012Bachelor of Medical Science (Forensic Mortuary Practice)Hawkesbury
728020Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science)Hawkesbury
728025Bachelor of Natural Science (Environmental Management)Hawkesbury
728028Bachelor of Sustainable Agriculture and Food SecurityHawkesbury
728035Bachelor of Science (Nutrition and Food Sciences)Hawkesbury
728040Bachelor of Science (Zoology)Hawkesbury
728044Bachelor of Science (Zoology)/Bachelor of Natural Science (Animal Science)Hawkesbury
728055Bachelor of ScienceCampbelltown
728056Bachelor of ScienceHawkesbury
728057Bachelor of ScienceParramatta
728062Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)Campbelltown
728064Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)Hawkesbury
728067Bachelor of Science (Biological Sciences)Parramatta
728075Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)Campbelltown
728076Bachelor of Science (Chemistry)Parramatta
728080Bachelor of Science (Environmental Science)Hawkesbury
728085Bachelor of Science (Forensic Science)Hawkesbury
728090Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science)Campbelltown
728091Bachelor of Science (Mathematical Science)Parramatta
728100Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of ArtsParramatta
728110Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessCampbelltown
728111Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of BusinessParramatta
728115Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of International StudiesParramatta
729000Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/Master of Teaching (Primary)Bankstown
729004Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/Master of Teaching (Primary)Parramatta
729005Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Primary)/Master of Teaching (Primary)Penrith
729011Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Bankstown
729014Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Parramatta
729016Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Penrith
729017Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5Years/Birth-12 Years)/Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)Bankstown
729018Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5Years/Birth-12 Years)/Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)Parramatta
729019Bachelor of Arts (Pathway to Teaching Birth-5Years/Birth-12 Years)/Master of Teaching (Birth-5 Years/Birth-12 Years)Penrith
729026Bachelor of Graphic Design (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Parramatta
729033Bachelor of Health Science (Health and Physical Education) Pathway to Teaching (Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Penrith
729036Bachelor of Science - Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)Campbelltown
729041Bachelor of Science - Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)Hawkesbury
729046Bachelor of Science - Pathway to Teaching (Primary/Secondary)Parramatta
729050Bachelor of Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Bankstown
729051Bachelor of Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Campbelltown
729052Bachelor of Business (Pathway to Teaching Secondary)/Master of Teaching (Secondary)Parramatta City
729200Bachelor of Business (Property)Distance
729205Bachelor of Natural Science (Environment and Health)Distance
729210Bachelor of CommunicationOnline
729212Bachelor of Health Science (Public Health)Online
729215Bachelor of Science Criminology and Psychological StudiesOnline

*Audition required/AMEB qualifications as per admission criteria

What do applicants need to do?

After you have applied though the Universities Admissions Centre (UAC) for undergraduate admissions you can lodge an online SRS application.

  1. Wednesday 1 August 2018: You will need to apply through UAC (opens in a new window) for undergraduate admission to obtain your UAC application number and UAC PIN.
  2. Wednesday 1 August 2018: applications for SRS open. Complete a SRS application (opens in a new window) using your UAC application number and UAC PIN.
  3. If your school provides a Record of School Achievement (RoSA), students will not be asked for Year 11 results as UAC will receive these details automatically. For non-RoSA schools you will need to enter your Year 11 school results.
  4. Agree to the declaration and authority.
  5. Submit your SRS application.
  6. Friday, 28 September 2018: SRS applications close - you cannot make changes to your application after this date.

What happens next?

After you have submitted your application you can view your 'Application Summary' through SRS Check and Change (opens in a new window). You can edit or add Year 11 studies and upload  or replace supporting documentation up until midnight 28 September 2018.

Your application will be available to your school to provide assessment of your ability to perform at higher education. Western Sydney University will then assess your application taking into account your year 11 studies and school ratings.


You will need to list a Western Sydney University course in your preferences by midnight Sunday, 11 November 2018.

If successful you will receive an unconditional offer through UAC on Thursday, 15 November 2018.

If you would then like to be considered for another course you can change your preference to be considered for a later round, however, if you don't change your preference you won't be considered in subsequent rounds. If you do then receive another offer from Western Sydney University you will be able to choose the course you prefer from the offers you have been made.

For more information refer to the SRS booklet [PDF, 3.75MB] (opens in a new window).

What do schools need to do?

Information and fact sheets for participating schools are available on the UAC SRS webpage (opens in a new window).

Contact us

If you have any questions about SRS, please contact the Course Information Line on 1300 897 669 or email