At the Heart of It

Place Stories Across Darug and 

Gundungurra Lands

This is a web version of the free enhanced ebook originally created during 2013 within the context of Ann McGrath's and Peter Read's ARC Linkage Project (LP100100427) "Deepening Histories of Place: Exploring Indigenous Landscapes of National and International Significance", The Australian National University and Sydney University, 2011-2014.

PhD student Julia Torpey, who interviewed more than thirty Indigenous people about their histories and storytelling, produced it. Some interviews have been selected here to appear in this ebook from the larger collection of filmed oral histories in place, in The Blue Mountains, Western Sydney and Sydney. This collection of films is not representative of a particular community organisation or 'tribe'; it is representative of individual connection to place and history.

The films in this eBook are illustrative of the diversity of storytelling, history, identity and connection to landscape that are encountered with individual Indigenous people. The result is an ebook that walks and talks and performs history, bringing histories told closer to listeners, readers and viewers.

Project Members

  • Julia Torpey (Team Leader), Australian National University
  • Dr Jason Ensor, Western Sydney University


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