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Security without prejudice in the wireless courtroom

Criminal defendants around the world are increasingly being placed in glass-framed docks, or even cages, in the courtroom. Courts in Australia, Europe and the US have found that the right to a fair trial can be jeopardised by this practice. The three research questions are:

  • How does the placement of the accused in the courtroom impact on the possibility of a fair trial?
  • How can courtrooms be designed to preserve the dignity and safety of participants?
  • How can flexible courtroom furniture (made possible by wireless technology) enhance fairness and safety in court?

This project, for the first time, tests this important claim under experimental conditions. It develops protocols for human rights compliant courtrooms, taking advantage of new wireless technologies that permit flexible furniture arrangements and customised security measures.

Project Members

  • Professor David Tait
  • Associate Professor Blake McKimmie (School of Psychology, University of Queensland)
  • Dr Meredith Rossner (Department of Law, LSE)
  • Professor Rick Sarre (School of Law, University of South Australia)
  • Dr Emma Rowden (Architecture, UTS)