School of Business

Economics, Finance and Property

Director of Academic Program | Dr Heath Spong
Discipline Lead | Professor Kevin Daly

Western Sydney University has a long-standing and globally recognised program in Economics, Finance and Property. This program is committed to the improvement of economic and financial decision-making, for the benefit of Greater Western Sydney and the wider international community. The faculty deliver high quality research and teaching in support of the School of Business mission to prepare graduates for enterprise futures.

The study of Economics at Western has a strong policy focus, with particular strengths in cost-benefit analysis, economics of social issues, environmental sustainability, and heterodox approaches. The research focus in Finance considers topics such as market volatility, investor behaviour, banking and regulation, and energy. Researchers in this area continue to publish in high quality domestic and international finance journals. In the niche area of Property Investment, Western has continued its leadership in research focusing on property risk, the role of property in portfolios, property investment vehicles, and international property. Teaching in Economics, Finance, and Property is informed by recent academic research and also current industry practice, with courses of study accredited by the Australian Property Institute (API), and the Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA) University Affiliation Program.

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