Doctor Heath Spong

Doctor Heath Spong

DAP Economics, Finance & Property,
Dean's Unit - School of Business

Economics, Finance and Property (SoBus)


Heath Spong is an Economics Lecturer in the UWS School of Business. He has previously held positions at RMIT University (Economics Lecturer) and the University of Iowa (Visiting Assistant Professor), and has been a Research Fellow at New York University. He has taught a large range of subjects, including Law and Economics, Public Policy and Economics, and Ethics and Economics. His research has been published in highly ranked international and domestic journals, such as Urban Studies, The Economic Record, and the Journal of Business Ethics.

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  • PhD Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology
  • MEc (Hons) Monash University
  • BEc (Hons) Monash University

Professional Memberships

  • Economics Society of Australia (2017 - 2017)
  • World Interdisciplinary Network for Institutional Research (2016 - 2019)


  • Institutional Economics (Old and New)
  • Law/Public Policy and Economics

Organisational Unit (School / Division)

  • Dean's Unit - School of Business
  • Economics, Finance and Property (SoBus)


  • School Academic Committee



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Previous Teaching Areas

  • 200549 The Australian Macroeconomy, 2014
  • 200549 The Australian Macroeconomy, 2015
  • 200793 Managerial Economics, 2015
  • 200793 Managerial Economics, 2016
  • 51163 Financial Institutions and Markets (MAF), 2016
  • 51211 International Finance, 2014
  • 51211 International Finance, 2017
  • 51212 Security Analysis and Portfolio Theory, 2016
  • 51212 Security Analysis and Portfolio Theory, 2017


Chapters in Books

  • Spong, H. (2013), 'When self-interest trumps prejudice : Adam Smith's market as a moral exemplar', Moral Saints and Moral Exemplars, Emerald 9781783500741.
  • Spong, H. and Jakee, K. (2003), 'Uncertainty, institutional structure, and the entrepreneurial process', Change, Transformation and Development, Physica/Springer Publishing 9783642624100.

Journal Articles

  • Spong, H. (2019), 'Individuality and habits in institutional economics', Journal of Institutional Economics, vol 15, no 5 , pp 791 - 809.
  • Deo, N., Spong, H. and Varua, M. (2017), 'The impact of the GFC on sectoral market efficiency : non-linear testing for the case of Australia', Economic Record, vol 93, no S1 , pp 38 - 56.
  • Lodewijks, J. and Spong, H. (2013), 'Pedagogy, m-learning and financial stringency', Australasian Journal of Economics Education, vol 10, no 2 , pp 1 - 23.
  • Mitchell, H., Spong, H. and Stewart, M. (2012), 'Gambling with public money : an economic analysis of national sports team funding', Economic and Labour Relations Review, vol 23, no 2 , pp 7 - 22.
  • Feeny, S., Ong, R., Spong, H. and Wood, G. (2012), 'The impact of housing assistance on the employment outcomes of labour market programme participants in Australia', Urban Studies, vol 49, no 4 , pp 821 - 844.
  • Spong, H. (2011), 'Individuality and Freedom: From Aesthetic Individualism to a Modern Approach', New York University Journal of Law and Liberty, vol 6, no 1 , pp 1 - 94.
  • Jakee, K. and Spong, H. (2011), 'The normative bias in entrepreneurial theory', Division of Labour & Transaction Costs, vol 3, no 2 , pp 81 - 105.
  • Davidson, S. and Spong, H. (2010), 'Positive Externalities and R&D: Two Conflicting Traditions in Economic Theory', Review of Political Economy, vol 22, no 3 , pp 355 - 372.
  • Schwartz, M. and Spong, H. (2009), 'Subjectivist economics and ethical business', Journal of Business Ethics, vol 90, no 1 , pp 123 - 136.
  • Spong, H. and Jakee, K. (2003), 'Praxeology, Entrepreneurship and the Market Process: A Review of Kirzner's Contribution', Journal of the History of Economic Thought, vol 25, no 4 , pp 461 - 486.

Current Projects

Title: Connecting Women Social Entrepreneurs in India and Australia
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Western Researchers: Maria Estela Varua, Felicitas Evangelista, Heath Spong and Rina Datt
Years: 2019-09-01 - 2021-03-31
ID: P00025693

Previous Projects

Title: Composition and Viability of the Manufacturing Sector in Blacktown
  • Blacktown City Council
Western Researchers: Wayne Fallon, Heath Spong, Henry Lau, Qiuyan Fan and Louise Young
Years: 2014-06-30 - 2015-08-31
ID: P00022307


Current Supervision

Thesis Title: The Effect of Intangible Factors on Firms' Market Value in Jordanian Industrial Sector
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: The Impact of Corporate Characteristics on Corporate Social and Environmental Disclosure in Jordan
Field of Research: Business And Management; Accounting
Thesis Title: China's Fossil Fuel Consumption and Subsides
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Climate Bonds: An Investigation of the Types of Investors in the Market for Sustainable Debt Instruments and Factors that Drive their Investment Decisions
Field of Research:
Thesis Title: Aspects of Labour Demand and International Trade in Manufacturing: The Case of Australia
Field of Research:

Previous Supervision

Thesis Title: Developing Skilled Labor: An Analysis of the Major Factors Which Enable and Hinder Employee Training in Construction Companies in Vietnam
Field of Research: International Business; Other Management And Commerce
Thesis Title: Ownership Structure, Corporate Diversification, and Firm Performance: A Study of Listed Firms in Vietnam
Field of Research: Banking And Finance; Other Management And Commerce
Thesis Title: The Impact of Corruption and Political Instability on Foreign Direct Investment (FDI): The Effect of Institutional Factors on FDI Flows to South Asian and MENA Economies
Field of Research: Business Management

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