HDR Candidates

Thesis Title: Seismic performance of asymmetric structures and its control
Zeshan Alam

Thesis Title: Cognitive and Task Performance in Simulated Building Motion Environment
Kwok Shing Wong

Thesis Title: Use of High Volume SCM with Manufactured sand in Concrete for Lower Embodied Energy Structures.

Thesis Title: Advanced analysis of steel-concrete composite frames

Thesis Title: Mechanical Properties of Connections Composed of CFSTCs and Steel-Concrete Composite Beams

Thesis Title: Design Criteria for Blast Loadings to Above Ground Structures In The Australian Environment.

Thesis Title: Experimental and Numerical Study on the Effect of Core Shape and Concrete Cover Length on the Behaviour of BRBS
Mina Mortazavi

Thesis Title: Fire Performance of Geopolymer Concrete Filled Steel Tube Columns
Mahya Askarian

Thesis Title: Recovering Nutrients from Wastewater and other Waste Materials for use in Agriculture and Sports Fields
Alireza Aghajani Shahrivar

Thesis Title: Fire-resistant Geopolymer Concrete and its application in concrete filled steel tubes
Yifang Cao

Thesis Title: Investigating pollution caused by moving vehicles and the effects of wind in street canyons
Esmaeel Eftekharian

Thesis Title: Vibration Control and Robust Optimization for Offshore Structures Subjected to Impact Loads and Blast Loads
Dian Wei Gao

Thesis Title: Flow enhancement in and around buildings for wind energy generation
Sina Hassanli

Thesis Title: Development and Optimisation of the Linear Wind Generator: PowerWindow
Seyed Jafari

Thesis Title: Variable amplitude fatigue in carbon fibre reinforced polymer composites

Thesis Title: Use of Wetland for both Stormwater Management and Local Community's Place of Recreation
Sai Natarajan

Thesis Topic: Study of Performance Improvement of Bearing Walls by Fabric Formwork
Saeed Nemati

Thesis Topic: Enhancing the Quality of Nondestructive Inpsection of Composite Materials and Structures
Azadeh Noori Hoshyar

Thesis Title: The Composite Behaviour of Gypsum Board Covered Light Steel Floors under Flexure
Soheila Cheshnasar

Thesis Title: Finite element model-based code calibrations for design of innovative composite structural members
Rakul Bharatwaj Ramesh

Thesis Title: Investigating the load bearing capacity of sheathed walls

Thesis Title: Wireless Powering of Sensors Embedded in Civil Structure using Embeddable Dielectric Resonator Antenna

Thesis Title: Development of Multifunctional Geopolymer Cements Utilising Nanomaterials
Richard Shuaibu

Thesis Title: The Effect of Base Isolation on Cold Formed Steel Rack Structures

Thesis Title: Application of Waste Materials in Road Pavements
Farzaneh Tahmoorian

Thesis Title: Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Innovative Cementitious Backfilling Materials for Resources Exploitation Infrastructure Engineering

Thesis Title: A numerical study on the effect of shape on the structure and dynamics of colloidal particals

Thesis Title: Substructural Condition Assessment of Bridge Structures Under Moving Vehicles

Thesis Title: Seismic Assessment Of Different Types Of Deficiency in Concrete Structures by Different Methods with Performance Base Seismic Engineering (PBSE) Concept and Evaluation of their Retrofitting Methods

Thesis Title: Performance of different types of FRP sheets bonded to concrete with combination effects of strain rate and temperature