Adjunct & Honorary Staff

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Research interests include: Cold formed steel structures and earthquake engineering.

Adjunct Professor

Research interests include: Technical and commercial resource assessment, ascertaining product value, project management and supply chain management, Excellent communication skills and a passion for building and maintaining strong relationships with industry contacts, supply-chain stakeholders, Maintain a strong research and technology network.


Research interests include: Repair of steel pipelines with composite overwraps, rehabilitation and retrofitting of steel structures with FRP, composite of timber and FRP, reliability of structures, application of FRP composites in prefabricated construction, sustainable structures, non-linear FE modelling.


Research interests include: Developing building materials with enhanced properties: acid-resistant concrete, Ultra high-strength grouts, geopolymer, green concrete, polymers in concrete, coating resins, concrete additives: waterproofing, defoamers and others, Synthesis and evaluation of new composite materials and IPNs for various applications ,new active ingredient-supported polymers & new hydrogel systems for various Applications , Controlled release fertilisers, aseptic ingredients, pesticides, fungicides, Material science: smoke suppressant additives, UV and thermos stabilisers, plasticisers, hardeners, and polymers in concrete applications.