Student Project: In-Plane Behaviour Of Composite Cold-Formed Truss Floors

Mrs Soheila Peyrovi is a PhD student undertaking research in the area of ‘Cold-Formed Truss Floor Systems’. She is studying the behaviour of composite cold-formed truss diaphragms with furring channel as shear connectors.

Soheila’s research into this area includes testing of two full scale concrete slabs under in-plane loading. The test evaluates the static shear capacity and stiffness of a typical segment of a framed diaphragm under simulated loading conditions, current design codes are based on non-composite slabs or composite slabs with headed stud connectors. Finally, numerical analysis for classification of these diaphragms as flexible, semi-rigid or rigid, are conducted in multi-storey buildings. A test rig was designed and fabricated. The system consists of three elements; concrete slab on corrugated cold-formed metal deck, cold-formed steel truss joists, and coldformed furring-channel shear connectors.

Normal concrete with the thickness of 65 mm from top of metal deck is representative of a floor slab. Two layouts are tested: joists perpendicular to the applied load, and joists parallel to the applied load (joists are rotated 90°).

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Mrs Solheila Peyrovi Cheshnasar

Postdoctoral Research Fellow

Thesis Title: The Composite Behaviour of Gypsum Board Covered Light Steel Floors under Flexure