Research Academics

The Centre's research staff are a group of high achieving academics that are working in disciplines relevant to the Centre's research agenda. Our philosophy is to maintain a mix of early, mid-career, and experienced researchers, all of whom have excellent track records.

Distinguished Professor
Director, Centre for Infrastructure Engineering
Associate Dean (Research and HDR)
Associate Dean (International)
Discipline Leader (Construction Management)

Research interests include: sustainable construction, green building, recycled material, life cycle analysis.

Professor of Structural Engineering
Commercial Services

Research interests include: Structural dynamics and its applications to wind and earthquake engineering and blast loading (in particular structural vibration control caused by environmental loads), dynamic assessment and health monitoring of bridges and smart building facades as well as special performance concrete.

Professor of Infrastructure Materials

Research interests include: Structural fire engineering, construction materials, steel-concrete composite structures, and renewable energy.

Associate Professor of Infrastructure Computations

Research interests include: Solid mechanics with particular interest in fracture mechanics, fatigue and fracture of engineering materials and structures, structural dynamics analysis and simulation, heat conduction and thermal and residual stresses, and micro/nanoscale mechanics.

Associate Professor in Infrastructure Computation
Director, HDR and Honours

Research interests include: Simulation and modeling of particulate systems, AI, with applications in clean water, air purification, and mineral processing.

Associate Professor
Principal Research Support Program Fellow
Advanced Building Technologies

Research interests include: Design for manufacture and assembly, Modular buildings, Prefabricated construction.

Senior Lecturer (Infrastructure Engineering and Asset Management)
Senior Research Support Program Fellow

Research interests include: Digital twinning of civil infrastructure assets, Infrastructure asset management, Structural assessment and health monitoring, Utilisation of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and Terrestrial Laser Scanning (TLS) for digitalisation of civil infrastructure assets, Artificial Intelligence (AI) for damage detection and health monitoring.

Senior Lecturer

Research interests include: Structural reliability and system reliability analysis, Safety factor calibration in structural design standards, Deterministic and probabilistic prediction model development based on machine-learning and statistical methods, Infrastructure network analysis against natural hazards, Statistical uncertainty analysis.

Research Support Program Fellow
Advanced Structural Assessment and Rehabilitation

Research interests include: Structural engineering, Performance based fire and seismic engineering, Assessment and rehabilitation of existing structures, Structural damage detection and health monitoring.


Research interests include: Composite materials and structures, reinforced concrete structures, and structural fire engineering.