The Centre for Infrastructure Engineering, located at Kingswood campus of Western Sydney University, has been serving the engineering community through its ability to provide specialised technical and consulting services for the past decade.  The Centre is equipped with state-of-the-art testing facilities** and specialised personnel.  Some of the consulting services offered to industry clients include:

  • Structural testing of components and specimens including flexural tests, compressive tests, tensile tests, and torsion tests of beams, columns, slabs, joints, and connections, as well as wall pressure tests.
  • Materials property tests to determine properties such as modulus of elasticity, modulus of rupture, Poisson’s ratio, etc.
  • Hydraulic testing of pipes, channels, and bridge piers (for scouring).
  • Fire testing of specimens and structural components.
  • Environments tests including durability tests, corrosion tests, humidity tests, UV resistance tests, freeze and thaw tests, water ingress tests, etc.
  • Materials characterisation tests in collaboration with WSU Advanced Materials Characterisation Facility in Parramatta South Campus.

All tests are performed in accordance with relevant Australian and/or International standards at competitive prices.  Issuing comprehensive reports and test certificates, when requested, are also part of the services provided by CIE.

If you require more information about our services or wish to discuss your test requirements, please contact:

Professor Bijan Samali

Phone: +61 2 4736 0263
Mobile: +61 419 223 695