Soheil Jahandari


PhD Candidature

Thesis Title:

Development of Hydrophobic Agents to Improve Performance and Durability of Tailings-Based Aggregate and Concrete

Research Project Supervisor/s:

Professor Zhong Tao (Principal)


Soheil Jahandari is a PhD candidate in Civil Engineering at Centre for Infrastructure Engineering, Western Sydney University, working on the development of hydrophobic agents to improve performance and durability of tailings-based aggregate and concrete. He has also been working as the Director and Research Director of Abadgaran Negin Jonoobshargh Company since May 2010. He has in excess of 40 publications (including 6 books, 25 international journal papers, and 10 conference papers) as of July 2020. More than 78% of his journal papers have been published in SJR-Q1 journals and the rest 22% in SJR-Q2 journals. Full list of his publications can be found in the following Researchgate and Google scholar profiles:

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