Capabilities and Facilities

Structural Research and Testing Laboratory: Equipped with a variety of advanced testing machines and instruments, it is a pioneering facility for the study of structural behaviour components and assemblies up to 6 meters high and 12 meters long, such as panelised wall and floors as well as volumetric units.


Structural Health Monitoring Laboratory: Employing modern sensor technology and imaging systems, it is designed for material characterisation and structural health monitoring for a variety of structural systems.

Materials Testing Laboratory & Composite Laboratory: Equipped for measuring mechanical properties, manufacture composite materials, and evaluate durability of different construction materials in various environments.

Structural Dynamics and Control Laboratory, and Environmental Chamber: This laboratory is designed for advanced research on the performance of different unbound bases, sub-base materials and bound materials.

High speed and multi-camera DIC system: For true full-field, non-contact and three-dimensional measurement of shape, displacements, stress and strains on components and structures, as well as recording fast-moving objects as photographic images.

Advanced Blast Simulator (UoW): With five collaborating universities, and located in Wollongong, the national facility for physical blast simulation, is a large-scale controlled blast simulation facility enables researchers to better understand blast behaviour and protection for various building components such as wall and floor panels, windows and doors, and other structural systems or scaled models of bridges, dams, tunnels and buildings.